#Privileged: A Billion Way$ Hollywood Lefties Hate Americans Who Want to Go Back to Work

May 20th, 2020 2:30 PM

In one of the richest counties in America, hundreds of cars line up for food assistance. It’s a scene repeated around the country. But mega-millionaire actor Robert De Niro wants the economy to stay shut down, warning of “a global ecological collapse.” Business owners have been fined or jailed from New York to California just for trying to serve their customers, but to fat cat celebrities Rob Reiner and Kathy Griffin, these people are ignorant “patriots” who are angry they can’t get their “hair done” or go “golfing.”

In all, more than 36 million Americans are newly unemployed following the nationwide shutdown due to the coronavirus. And Hollywood couldn't care less. Struggling Americans protesting lockdowns have become the brunt of jokes and the subject of mockery for insulated entertainment industry millionaires.

Eleven Hollywood lefties — whose combined net worth is a whopping $1,109,000,000 — have ripped Americans who support or are desperate for the economy to reopen. All 11 are multi-millionaires who couldn't care less if they have to hunker down with their luxurious wealth while the rest of America suffers. Well actually they might care. If there was anyone who could complain about not getting a haircut or not hitting the bourgie L.A. County links during an apocalyptic event, it would be them.

Though millions of ordinary people are suffering, arrogant, conservative bashing stars like Robert De Niro, who has a net worth of $500 million, Rob Reiner, who has a net worth of $100 million, Jimmy Kimmel, with a net worth of $50 million, and Kathy Griffin (worth $30 million), among others, smeared protestors as a bunch of selfish jerks who want to get their “hair done” or “go golfing.”

The last two months have seen more than 36 million Americans file unemployment claims, according to The New York Times on May 14. In New Jersey, the country’s “second-wealthiest state,” food lines “a mile long” have developed, according to The New York Times. And those food lines have since popped up across the country. An Oregon salon owner just said her state had sent child protective services to her home for daring to reopen her business.

Oh but rich comedian Patton Oswalt characterized them as fat slobs annoyed that “Fuddruckers” is closed and late night host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that these people would have sunk the “Titanic” on purpose. And yet they constantly lecture Americans about “checking their privilege.”

The hypocrisy is staggering. The Hollywood hypocrites below are ranked and listed in terms of their calculated net worths.

Robert De Niro (Net Worth: $500 million)

The gangster genre star hasn’t been shy about his ongoing bout with Trump Derangement Syndrome during the pandemic. He hasn’t been soft-spoken about his position that the economy must remain shut down either.

De Niro added his signature to a radical leftwing letter from French publication Le Monde titled, “Please, Let’s Not Get Back To Normal.” He was joined by celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Javier Bardem and Hollywood director Pedro Almodovar. This celebrity-endorsed letter, published on May 6, made the argument that society should not return to functioning the way it was before the pandemic. When society does begin to flourish again, it needs to be transformed at large to fit a socialist, climate-change focused agenda.

The Goodfellas actor signed onto the petition, which demanded that “leaders” and “citizens” “leave behind the unsustainable logic that still prevails,” in this case, “the pursuit of consumerism and an obsession with productivity.” Though considering how much De Niro has made off the “unsustainable logic that still prevails,” he sure won’t have to suffer when the system comes crashing down.

De Niro is currently running a net worth of $500 million. Talk about a hypocrite.

Bette Midler (Net Worth: $250 million)

The Hocus Pocus star has been hammering the president on a number of issues, and even joked about him being a pedophile in mid-April.

She even decried the idea to reopen the economy, winning her a nice, big hypocrite label and the #2 spot. In April, Midler diminished the plight of small business owners in Georgia and mocked Governor Brian Kemp’s leadership in getting his state to be the first to re-open its businesses. On April 23, Midler tweeted, “Gee, I had no idea the people of Georgia were so vain. And so into self care. Not to mention bowling, which seems to be huge? Huh.” This echoed the insensitive leftwing narrative that lockdown protesters just wanted to get back to their selfish lives.

Never mind that 20.5 million people lost their jobs that month.

Though, what would Midler know about the little people losing their jobs? The actress currently clocks in a net worth of $250 million. CelebrityNetworth.com noted that Midler had just recently listed her 14 room, 7,000 square-foot NYC apartment for sale for $50 million, saying ‘It's time for another family to enjoy it.’” Midler also owns “a number of properties in Hawaii, most notably a 38+ acre property on the island of Kauai that she purchased in 1988. She paid $1.5 million with no mortgage. She owns another 58,000 square-foot property nearby.”

Rob Reiner (Net Worth: $100 million)

The “Meathead” All in the Family star and movie director is another member of the Hollywood elitist TDS group. Reiner’s disdain for President Trump has reached epic proportions and spilled over to anti-lockdown protestors in recent months.

On April 17, the When Harry Met Sally director tweeted out paranoid ramblings that folks protesting quarantine were Trump stooges rather than Americans concerned about their own rights and livelihoods.

Reiner wrote, “Donald Trump is stoking the anger of protesters. Encouraging them to defy their Governors. The Stable Genius is having a hard time wrapping his stable genius mind around the concept of the difficulty of going back to work if you’re dead.” Though if Reiner were in charge, perhaps there would be no jobs left to go back to.

On April 11, the actor/director also tweeted, “There is no question that the Stable Genius’ stupidity & incompetence led to thousands of deaths. Now he wants more blood on his hands by prematurely pushing US back to work. We have to stop the sociopath before he kills again.”

Reiner refuses to acknowledge that re-opening the economy is important for saving lives as well. Could that be that he’s just too sheltered to feel the current economic pain? Reiner is currently estimated to be worth $100 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

Whoopi Goldberg (Net Worth: $60 million)

The co-host of ABC’s show The View recently berated former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) for calling to reopen the economy. During the May 15 episode of the daytime talk show, Goldberg asked the governor, “Who are you willing to sacrifice to die, Chris?” It was quite the cheap shot when you consider that U.S. lawmakers are facing an unprecedented unemployment crisis.

Still, Whoopi refused to consider the balancing act required to navigate this crisis. She even resorted to personal questions, asking Christie, “Who are you going to give up in your family?” Christie responded that “there are 36.5 million people unemployed,” and attempted to make the point that the suicide rate is skyrocketing in “seven states” but he was interrupted by the host. Whoppi asked again, “Who are you willing to sacrifice to die, Chris? You're saying people should be willing to sacrifice family to die. Who are you willing to give up?”

Whoopi talks a lot, but what is she sacrificing? The actor-turned-propaganda show host still has her job and is sitting comfortably with a $60 million estimated-net worth and an $8 million per year salary.

In CelebrityNetWorth.com’s update of Whoopi’s profile in 2020, the website noted that “In 1993, Whoopi paid $2.6 million for a home in LA's Pacific Palisades neighborhood. She listed this home for sale in January 2018 for $8.8 million. A year later she RAISED the price to $9.6 million. It is still for sale as of this writing.” What are you willing to give up, Whoopi?

Jimmy Kimmel (Net Worth: $50 million) (tied)

The list of Hollywood hypocrites wouldn’t be complete without including the insufferable anti-Trump ABC host Jimmy Kimmel. This hypocrite with a capital “H” made some heinous characterizations of lockdown protestors during the April 21 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In addition to making the gross generalization that the protestors were “crazy right-wing” Trump supporters, the former host of the Kimmel called Florida Governor Ron Desantis and the state’s residents dumb for reopening beaches in the sunshine state earlier than Democrats wanted. Kimmel claimed, “In Florida, on Saturday, I saw the hashtag #Floridamorons was trending and thought, well, this could mean a lot of things. But what it meant was this. The governor of Florida reopened the beach in Jacksonville, and of course no one followed the rules.”

Kimmel went for an even more mean-spirited dig against reopen supporters, calling them “suicidal.” He claimed, “I'm starting to think that these characters who support Trump might be suicidal. They seem to fight hardest for the things that will kill them. They want freedom to gather in large groups during an epidemic.” Very charming.

He also joked, “It's like if the Titanic was headed towards the iceberg, and half of the passengers were like, ‘Can you please speed this thing up?’” Sure, it’s exactly like that. Heaven forbid anyone needs to get to work to put food on the table.

Though it’s easy for Kimmel to make fun of the little people, he doesn’t want for anything. CelebrityNetworth clocks Kimmel’s net worth at a comfortable $50 million, placing him in 5th place. But that’s not all. The website also lists Kimmel’s salary at $15 million per year as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which is still being aired during the shutdowns. He also has a history of hefty investments in real estate:

Jimmy owns a number of homes in the LA area. In 2004, Jimmy paid $2.175 million for a home one block from the beach in Hermosa Beach, California. He bought a second home in Hermosa in 2014 for $2.25 million. At some point he deeded this home to his wife's sister. In 2018 he dropped $8.2 million on yet another home in Hermosa. The current home on this lot is a modest 2,200 square-foot structure. According to the sale plans, a future home could be 20,000 square-feet. Outside of Hermosa, Jimmy owns a $7.1 million two-parcel home in the Hollywood Hills above the famed Chateau Marmont.

Cha-ching, Kimmel.

It’s interesting how Kimmel can try to hypocritically virtue-signal as much as he does. Does he remember his days hosting the Comedy Central show The Man Show, (1999-2004)? In that show, Kimmel and his co-host Adam Carolla took swings at the white misogynist male by … having women jump on trampolines. In their underwear.

Kimmel also recently gave a snarky apology for manipulating a video of Vice President Mike Pence to claim he was carrying empty PPE boxes into a nursing home as a publicity stunt. He called those who called him out on it “lunatics.”

Michael Moore ($50 million) (tied)

This hypocrite had the audacity to say in late April that the coronavirus shutdown was occurring because “Mother Nature put us in its time out room.”

During an episode of MSNBC’s The 11th Hour on April 22, the Planet of The Humans director and eco-obsessed socialist argued that the planet’s well being was more of a priority than the well-being of millions of people. “We need to think what's best for the planet, not what's going to be best for business,” Moore claimed, trying to drum up support for a new post virus world without capitalism.

He also harped on his contention that coronavirus is just what humans get for ignoring climate change. He stated, “Frankly I think mother nature has put us in its time out room right now, literally, not just figuratively. So we may have some time to think about how we're treating this planet. But we've got to change.”

Oh sure, it’s easy for Moore to sit and contemplate what the earth is saying. Moore happens to tie evenly with Kimmel in this contest of hypocrites with a $50 million net worth. Oh what’s that Gaia? 60 million people without jobs by 2021? Well as long you’re healing. How callous.

Kathy Griffin (Net Worth: $30 million) (tied)

Who could forget that third-rate comedian who once decapitated an effigy of President Donald Trump on TV and whined later that her career was over because of it?

Rich girl Kathy Griffin has mocked the plight of Americans protesting draconian coronavirus lockdowns as well. On April 20, the comedian accused Fox News of brainwashing Americans into rallying to get back to work (because unemployment isn’t motivating enough) and quipped that the protestors were rallying for petty reasons.

She tweeted, “foxxynewz propaganda machine is promoting a schedule and geographical guidance for this ignorance. Let me the title…’True patriots want to get their hair done and go golfing again to fight tyranny’ #coronavirus.”

It’s easy for her to ridicule when she doesn’t have to risk anything to continue her lavish lifestyle. Griffin comes barreling into the #6 hypocrite slot with a $30 million-estimated net worth. She recently acquired some property as well. CelebrityNetWorth.com reported that Griffin’s “primary residence today is a 13,000 square foot mansion in Bel Air that she purchased in 2019 for $10.85 million.”

Joy Behar (Net Worth: $30 million) (tied)

ABC’s The View co-host comedian Joy Behar recently lashed out at former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), thinking he deserved mean-spirited partisan questions for his comparison of reopening the country, risking lives, to Americans risking soldiers’ lives in World War II.

Like her colleague Whoopi Goldberg did in a different segment, Behar went for the low blow. She questioned Christie’s pro-life stance, asking, “Are you pro-life or not pro-life?” She continued: “In World War II we sacrificed young lives. It seems like they're willing to sacrifice old lives this time. To what? To what? To save the economy.” Of course, it wouldn’t be politically expedient for Behar to acknowledge that Christie might be wanting many lives to be saved by reopening the economy sooner than later.

Perhaps, the host doesn’t care about the economy so much anymore as she got her good use out of it. She sits pretty on a $30 million net worth, tying with Griffin for 6th place in the Hollywood hypocrite list.

In 2017, Behar reportedly spent $2.4 million on a two-bedroom apartment in the Upper West Side of New York City. In 2018, she made a significant profit on her investment after selling the newly renovated apartment for $3.28 million,” according to CelebrityNetWorth.com.

Ron Perlman (Net Worth: $15 million)

The Hellboy actor has become pretty well known for being an anti-Trump venom-spitter. He recently referred to the president as a “cretinous being.” His viciousness and lack of empathy has also extended to Americans pushing to re-open the economy.

On April 19, Perlman characterized the re-open rallyers as a bunch of crazy folks who were only able to generate momentum because Trump gave them power. He retweeted a post from Democrat strategist Adam Parkhomenko who called them “complete idiots,” and added the caption, “These folks have been here all along. But trump has finally given voice to them.”

On May 1, Perlman provided a dig at protesters who had entered the Michigan capitol building to speak out against Gov. Whitmer (D-MI) and her lockdown policies. Perlman called them the “Flu Klux Klan,” because you know, anyone who doesn’t do what a petulant lefty like Perlman wants is a white supremacist.

On May 14, Perlman shared a video of nurses playing around during what appeared to be non-busy hospitable hours and received pushback from one user who made the sarcastic claim that the hospitals seemed really busy. Since Perlman is such a charming guy, he told the cheeky quarantine skeptic, “kill yourself.

Perlman claims the #7 spot with a $15 million estimated net worth. Well we’re glad he’s taken care of. This could be worse than the Great Depression for millions of Americans and he’s content to sneer at them like that?

Patton Oswalt (Net Worth: $14 million)

The Trump-obsessed comedian Patton Oswalt also won a spot in the list. His condescending appraisal of lockdown protestors went viral for its stupidity and insensitivity. On April 18, the entertainer tweeted, “Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, ‘Open Fuddruckers!’”

It’s hard to even know where to begin with this one. Using the tragic tale of young Jewish girl and Nazi concentration camp victim Anne Frank to guilt millions of unemployed Americans into just accepting going without a paycheck is despicable. It is also remarkable to see Oswalt presume that each protestor has as cushy a life as a rich Hollywood comedian.

Perhaps this tweet indicates just how much Oswalt's wealth insulates him. Oswalt is currently estimated to have a $14 million net worth. In 2017, Oswalt sold his celeb-pedigreed home in Los Angeles for $100,000 above the asking price of $2.499 million, according to Variety.

Alyssa Milano (Net Worth: $10 million)

The outspoken lefty blowhard’s inclusion in this list is pretty much case in point. She’s proven herself to be a massive hypocrite, not just in her flimsy feminism, but in her disdain for those suffering economically when she herself has millions.

On April 17, the Charmed actress surveyed Minnesotans protesting their state’s coronavirus lockdowns and instead of trying to understand their need, she dismissed them all as disturbers of the peace who only found the motivation to rebel when Donald Trump tweeted at them.

Milano tweeted, “This is not ok. @realDonaldTrump, you are the most fucked up President ever. You incited this carelessness with your tweets and you should be removed from office for endangering lives. #RemoveTrumpNow.”

Like the previous celebrities. Milano just can’t relate to any of these folks' desperation during a static economy. She’s got plenty to last her for years without work. One estimate clocks the actress’s net worth at $10 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com. Milano’s husband, talent agent David Bugliari, has an accumulated net worth of $5 million.

Milano’s residence in Bell Canyon, California was bought in 2001 for $1.595 million. An October, 2019 New York Times profile of Milano noted that she currently owns 10 horses that reside on the property.

Ordinary Americans have been without work across the country for at least two months now. Many are so desperate to return to work that they’re risking arrest or other forms of punishment and surveillance from local bureaucracies, not to mention they are risking catching coronavirus. But there’s hardly a single word of empathy for these struggling folks from these multi-millionaire entertainers, which is ironic considering many of them flaunt their concern for the weak and disenfranchised on social media constantly.

Clearly it’s just a superficial display. More than 36 million Americans are unemployed as of the publication of this article. These people are the disenfranchised and marginalized. This is the crisis. So where are these Hollywood heroes? Folks like Moore, Milano, Oswalt, Behar and the others rail against the selfishness of Trump and the GOP and general inequality until they are blue in the face, but when it really counts they end up spitting on people who may have to bear the weight of a potentially new Great Depression.