Joy's Year of Hate: Here's Reid's 20 WORST Moments From 2021

December 28th, 2021 6:11 PM

With a full year under her belt hosting MSNBC’s The ReidOut, far-left pundit and generally awful human being Joy Reid made her presence felt with a night-after-night hatefest against conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who stands in her way, painting them as enemies of the people. All in all, Reid ran a show with rhetoric bordering on incitement.

Despite that, Reid was flush with advertisers, including but not limited to: Cadillac, Discover, Ensure, Fidelity, HughesNet, Liberty Mutual, and SimpliSafe.

NewsBusters was there to cover it all as we had over 120 posts to The ReidOut's tag with comments from Reid and guests ranging from the baffling to deranged to mind-numbing, to unstable.

For the purposes of this NewsBusters recap, we’ll be focusing on things uttered by Reid. However, for a sampling of things guests said in an attempt to one-up the woman who claimed her blog was hacked, check those out here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Below represents the 20 worst moments from Reid on her eponymous show, presented in chronological order with the date it aired and the original NewsBusters headline.

1. February 17 — Despicable: MSNBC’s Reid, Guests Gleefully Spit on Rush Limbaugh’s Grave

This first entry might be one of the worst from this list and, sure enough, it served as a runner-up for the Chris Cuomo Memorial Award For Worst Quote of the Year.

Following the death of the great Rush Limbaugh, Reid tag-teamed with Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank and fake conservative (read: progressive) Charlie Sykes of The Bulwark to smear Limbaugh’s memory.

For her part, Reid derided Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos as having “inject[ed] chaos and sexism, manipulation, racism, and dirty tricks directly into the artery of the Republican Party” and Limbaugh himself as having “harden[ed] rural white listeners and weaponiz[ed] white male grievance” for those “out there in the hinterlands.”

2. March 3 — EVIL: Reid, Guests Accuse Red States of Hating Black People Unless They’re in Factories

Reid had enough of red states allowing Americans to emerge from economically and mentally crippling Covid restrictions, declaring they engage in “necropolitics, which is essentially the politics of who gets to live and who gets to die” with “black and brown lives matter[ing] less.”

“[A]ll that matters is that the black and brown people get their behinds into the factory and make me my steaks, make me my stuff. Get there and do my nails. Work. Get back to work now and do things that I, the comfortable, affluent person need,” she added.

3. March 4 — Joy Reid, Fake Republicans Peddle Lies About Fox News, GOP Obsessing Over Cancel Culture

While playing with a Mrs. Potato Head and raging like a lunatic, Reid made a litany of false claims about conservatives, suggesting their obsessed with cancel culture, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss while “mak[ing] sure that Americans are a bit deaf, dumb, and blind to what government is supposed to do.”



Reid also left her sense of irony behind as she also accused the GOP of being “purely performative” and “acting out the worst insecurities and fears and paranoids of the loudest parts of their voting base.” 

4. March 24 — Reid, Dem Congressman Blame Boebert’s Gun ‘Pornography’ for Boulder Attack

Reid was on a warpath following the deadly Colorado shooting at a King Soupers grocery story, demanding the permanent ban and erasure of the AR-15 and blamed shooting on Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) because of her gun “pornography.”

5. March 25 — Racist Joy Reid: White GOP Wants to End Democracy, ‘Torture’ Black People

The next day, Reid furthered her campaign against anyone and everyone opposing the For the People Act and efforts like the voter integrity measures in states like Georgia. 

Referring to the Peach State as a modern-day version of apartheid South Africa, Reid falsely claimed the state wants to keep African-Americans from exercising the franchise by dehydrating, physically “tortur[ing],” and “starv[ing]” them.

6. May 20 — Racist Joy Defends Racist 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones as Victim of....‘Cancel Culture?’

Reid routinely talked about the supposed excellence of the factually-challenged 1619 Project by her friend Nikole Hannah-Jones, and it was just prior to Memorial Day when she argued Hannah-Jones was a victim of “cancel culture” and a “chilling” act of “war” when she was denied tenure by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

As we wrote at the time, none of the major inaccuracies surrounding the 1619 Project were acknowledged as she instead stated that Republicans were the ones “falsifying our nation's history.”

7. May 27 — Evil Joy Reid, Guests: Conservatives Are Murderous Enemies of the People

Reid didn’t try to find any elaborate way on May 27 of maligning those who don’t share her political views. Instead, she accused the GOP of being “extremists,” “sedition, violence,” and “white nationalism” with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) embracing the “Jim Crow-era rule” known to normal people as the filibuster.

While she said there’s “no” point to “bipartisanship,” she remained silent when Jason Johnson claimed Manchin would have been fine if his fellow Senate Democrats were killed on January 6.

8. July 7 — GASLIGHTING: Joy Reid, Guest Insist Parents at School Board Meetings Are QAnon People 

In a predictable move, Reid saw nothing but white people and terrorism in parents simply taking interest in what their children have been learning in school and pushing back when it’s divisive, lewd, and racist.

With help from NBC reporter Ben Collins (who’s like the History Channel meme about aliens except with Qanon), Reid said the parents were an “insidious underbelly of the GQP culture war.” 

9. August 5 — VENOM: Joy Reid Returns From Vacation as Only She Could (With a Side of Cuomo Praise)

In her first show after vacation, Reid lept to the defense of disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), claiming he was “much better...on the pandemic than Trump” and insisted the GOP should “fart off” since Democrats were the party of moral authority in contrast to the right having Trump and Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas among their ranks.



Reid did mention predatory liberals like Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and Matt Lauer, but maintained it was a right-wing problem as its behavior “only one of our two political parties actually embraces.”

10. August 10 — ‘He Doesn’t Care’; Joy Reid, Guests: Ron DeSantis Is MURDERING Floridians With Covid

The MSNBC pundit repeatedly parroted the tiresome talking points about Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as a mass murderer with this show serving as but one example when she said DeSantis doesn’t “care” “about the well-being of” Floridians and has been “rooting for” children to die of the coronavirus.

11. August 12 — Joy Reid: ‘Homicidal’ Republicans Don’t Believe in ‘Staying Alive,’ Don’t Want Citizens to Live

Continuing on the theme of the right being not only wrong but almost genocidal, Reid proclaimed that the tens of millions of Americans that lean right lack “a really strong feeling about staying alive…and keeping their kids alive” when it comes to the coronavirus and hoped that vaccine mandates would “save people’s lives against their will.”

And to take a dig at DeSantis and fellow Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), Reid said they’ve taken the side “in favor of death” against their citizens.

12. August 18 — Kabul Karen: Joy Reid’s Three Nights of Sycophancy for Biden on Afghanistan 

The collapse of Afghanistan presented a strange, almost alternate reality for NewsBusters and conservatives as the liberal media hammered the Biden administration for the U.S. withdrawal from the Middle Eastern country after 20 years of war. 

However, it was business as usual for Joy Reid as she fawned over the process and complained about media coverage over what many believed to have been “Biden..screwing up the execution of an idea that everybody wants to do.”

13. August 19 — Jalalabad Joy Reid Attacks the Media for Daring to Call Out Biden on Afghanistan

A day later, Reid continued blabbering about the media deciding to actually do its job, accusing them of having their “gaze...fixed on Afghanistan” and that they would dare to be “pissed off” that the deadly exit didn’t “go smoothly.”

Reid’s other gripe? That people spent too much time talking about Afghanistan and not enough on January 6.

14. September 3 — Joy’s Week of Hate: Fox Is al-Qaeda, GOPers Are the New Taliban, and TX Loves Rapists

During a round-up of the worst of Reid from the week of August 29, we found Reid had quite a show on September 3 as she claimed conservative Evangelical Christians are on par with the Taliban, Republicans don’t view Black people as “real” human beings (let alone worthy of voting), and deemed DeSantis supporters to be fans of seeing children die from Covid.

15. September 15 — VENOMOUS Joy: GOPers ‘Love Covid So Much’ They Want to Kill You, ‘Drink It’ Like ‘Kool-Aid’

Rivaling the February 17 attacks on Limbaugh, Reid’s September 15 show offered a truly evil and incendiary series of attacks.



Here’s what we said at the time:

In what may have been her ugliest rant ever, MSNBC’s The ReidOut host Joy Reid told tens of millions of Republicans, conservatives, and right-leaning Americans on Wednesday that we “love Covid so much” that we “want it everywhere” to murder as many people as possible, “drink” COVID “in a Kool-Aid cup,” have it “injected into” our backsides, and have the virus “pumping through” our “veins” so we can attend as many funerals as possible.

Not surprisingly, Reid kept hold of this smear, using it again on October 13.

16. September 16 — Reid LIES About Ben Shapiro, Insists It Was GOOD to Be Anti-Vax Under Trump

Though she didn’t accuse millions of wanting to drink Covid if it existed in liquid form, Reid lied the following night in asserting Ben Shapiro was an anti-vaxxer and white supremacist while offering an illuminating case of mental gymnastics as to why it was reasonable to be an anti-vaxxer under Donald Trump but not Joe Biden.

17. October 12 — Looney Tunes Joy Reid Goes All Out With Dangerous Rhetoric Against Conservatives

This particular show summarized the sometimes tiresome yet odious nature of Reid’s show as she opened with a laborious and predictable commentary about how America was possibly in its “waning a democracy” because of the “Jonestown”-like Republican Party hellbent on achieving power through any means necessary.

Talk about a case of projection.

18. November 18 — MELTDOWN: Hateful, Racist Joy Reid Freaks Over a GOP House as ONLY She Can

Describing Republicans as “the YOLO parent,” Reid babbled almost like a child about the “Nazi-curious” and “open-racism-embracing” GOP “whose answer to anything and everything is to scream about the border and, ‘the scary Brown people are taking over America and meh, and history is mean.’”

Rhetorical question for this one: Have you ever seen a strawman as big as the one Reid constructed there?

19.  November 19 — Buckle Up: Here Are the BEST Rittenhouse Meltdowns from Joy Reid’s Show

Joy Reid beamed in from a hotel room as a guest during her own show following the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal and compared the teenager to the newest incarnation of the “slave catchers” from before the Civil War who possessed the legal “freedom” to kill Black people as he sees fit.



Worst yet, Reid said there’s “nothing” that can now stop right-leaning Americans from committing mass murder and getting away with it.

20. December 21 — Ebenezer Joy Reid: ‘God Bless Biden’ Because Fox News Is Going to MURDER You!

Last week, Reid wrapped a segment with presidential historical Michael Beschloss by repeatedly saying “God bless” President Biden for being “a caring human being who does want the whole country to survive” the coronavirus pandemic while Fox News wants to see “fans” and “viewers” “die because they don’t give a damn” and since it’d be “fun.”

Following on the theme from the 15-spot on our list, Reid also claimed Fox News was a murderous regime on August 30, but this time, she said they were just like Osama bin Laden directing suicide bombers and fighters while he remained alive.