Joy Reid: ‘Homicidal’ Republicans Don’t Believe in ‘Staying Alive,’ Don’t Want Citizens to Live

August 13th, 2021 4:13 PM

MSNBC’s The ReidOut host Joy Reid continued on her warpath against conservatives and Republicans while poisoning her left-wing viewership, telling them on Thursday that their right-of-center coworkers, family members, and friends possess “nonsensical, homicidal arguments” that lack “a really strong feeling about staying alive…and keeping their kids alive” amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

And, of course, Reid had plenty of help in the form of dutiful guests who saw little reason to disagree with her dangerous rhetoric.



Reid opened with fear porn, insisting that “the Covid crisis” is “spiraling out of control” as “[c]ases are surging throughout the country and hospitals are understaffed and overflowing” thanks to “a minority of Americans who are refusing to get vaccinated or, in some cases, to take any precautions to stop the spread.”

Speaking to University of Mississippi Medical Center Vice Chancellor Dr. Louanna Woodward, Reid used Woodward’s lament about the refusal of Americans to take the safe and effective coronavirus vaccines to argue the right supports killing themselves as well those around them.

Reid promised she wasn’t trying to sound “facetious,” but she certainly did here:

You know, normally, people also have a really strong feeling about staying alive, right, and keeping their kids alive. I honestly –and I don’t mean to say that to be facetious. I cannot understand the sort of vehemence and rage around being told just do this thing to keep yourself safe, wear a mask or get vaccinated. At least wear a mask. As a – you know, as somebody that – you sit on the medical side of the world, can you understand why someone would take such a hardcore, angry opposition to staying safe and alive?

Later in the A-block, Reid seemed shocked that Justice Amy Coney Barrett upheld Indiana University’s vaccine mandate, so she brought in faux conservative-turned-progressive and Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes to still find a way to maim their opposition.

Once Reid expressed hope that upholding vaccine mandates would “be able to sort of save people’s lives against their will,” Sykes praised the court for “pushing back against this know nothing revolution” of deadly “disinformation” and “political demagoguery” “in states like Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas.”

Working in digs against Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for attending a fundraiser in Nevada during this Delta variant surge and Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) facing mask mandate pushback in places like Travis County, Reid accused both of being “in favor of death”: “I’ll ask you to join me in that sense. I mean, the reality is, these governors are taking a stance in favor of death. And I don’t understand the calculation to do that.”

Possessing none of the character traits his side claims to abhor, Sykes agreed by saying they’re captive to the whims of their base, but pleaded with her to make exception for GOP Governors Spencer Cox (UT), Mike DeWine (OH), and Larry Hogan (MD).

Without a shred of irony, Sykes ruled that the behavior of Abbott and DeSantis on Covid was proof that “political tribalism is a hell of a drug.”

Leave to the Conserving Conservatism guy who makes almost daily appearances on shows like The ReidOut to talk about tribalism.

They later closed out the segment by dismissing the border crisis and mocking the concerns about Covid spread among illegal immigrants as – yes – racist (click “expand”):

REID: And this is where the planned campaign for 2022 meets the reality of COVID in this year, right? They wanted to run, the Republicans, on border scare and brown scare. COVID has interrupted their plans. And so, they decided to merge them together. Let me just put up a border map just for those of you who – you know, this audience knows, but there is no connection between Florida and the southern border that [Jim Jordan] is squealing about, right? So, the original plan was to do border scare and crime scare and now, they have got to somehow find a way to fit COVID into it. Your thoughts?

SYKES: Well, this is again the playbook. This is back to their comfort zone, which is to blame the problems on the border, on disease-infested immigrants. They have been playing this particular card since Donald Trump came down the escalator and said that, you know, the Mexican rapists were coming, not bringing their own. So, in some ways, they returned to their comfort zone because now they can be alarmed about something. They have downplayed the significance of the coronavirus. They have pretended it’s no big deal. But now suddenly they have something they can be angry about, and outraged about, which is these immigrants bringing it in. As you point out, there is no border in Florida. It does not stop Ron DeSantis from demagoguing this issue, from sending out fundraising letters. But also, I just want to point out how incoherent the argument is. If, in fact, we are facing this dire threat of hundreds of thousands of diseased immigrants coming across the border, wouldn’t that be an argument for more aggressive vaccinations making sure that everybody is vaccinated? You know, how can you on the one hand say that this is this dire threat of disease coming here and continue to say, yes, but I am not having any mask mandates or vaccine mandates?

Going to break, Reid cited a Real America’s Voice interview with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) about human mortality to argue that conservatives have “nonsensical, homicidal arguments against their own voters” and thus tens of millions are too dangerous to participate in society.

Reid claiming the American right are homicidal maniacs lacking a will to live was made possible thanks to the endorsement and support of advertisers such as Allegra, Amazon’s Climate Pledge, and Crest. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

To see the relevant MSNBC transcript from August 12, click here.