The New York Times Smears the Catholic Church Over Gay Marriage

July 1st, 2019 3:07 PM
Pride Month has ended. Big corporations have shed their rainbow skins; the media’s daily celebration of drag queen shenanigans and sexualized children has trickled down to its ordinary amount. But The New York Times managed one last gay huzzah, and it was a shot at the Catholic Church to boot.

San Antonio Calls Chick-Fil-A ‘Hate Symbol,’ Bans Chain from Airport

March 22nd, 2019 4:33 PM
The left’s war on Christian groups rages on. The San Antonio City Council recently denied Chick-Fil-A from opening airport concessions in the Texas city because of what the Council and lefty outlet Think Progress call Chick-Fil A’s “anti-LGBTQ donations.”

NBC News: Trump SCOTUS Noms Show ‘Contempt’ for LGBT People

July 9th, 2018 12:29 PM
Liberal meltdown over Trump’s new Supreme Court pick has been cataclysmic to say the least. added to the hysteria on Sunday by labeling the president’s nominee shortlist as “extreme.”  

NY Times Frets Over Court Threat to Gays, 'Transgender Women of Color'

July 5th, 2018 2:31 PM
Reporters Liam Stack and Elizabeth Dias offered a Thursday New York Times story headlined “Why the Supreme Court Opening Could Affect Gay Marriage as Well as Abortion.” Besides taking sides on the issue of gay marriage, resumed the paper’s bad habit of superfluous ideological labeling, with ten “conservative” references in the 1,200-word report compared to a single “liberal” label, in the first…

Trump a Major Presence in FX's New Transgender Drama Series, 'Pose'

June 4th, 2018 2:34 AM
FX’s new transgender drama series, Pose, boasts the largest LGBTQ cast ever assembled for a scripted TV show—but that’s not enough. The show also wants to tackle Trump-era politics…like literally every show on TV today. Pose follows a group of transgender/gay people and their community trying to find their way in 1987 New York City.

'Will & Grace' Blasphemes Apostles as 'Gay Best Friends'

January 18th, 2018 11:24 PM
The January 18 episode of Will & Grace was as offensive as ever. They took a bizarre number of shots at the Bible out of nowhere as well as delivering some stale Russia "jokes."

MSNBC Hosts Gush Over 'True Champion' LGBT Activist, Suggest 'Statue'

September 13th, 2017 5:59 PM
On Wednesday's MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle, the two MSNBC hosts ended their show by lavishing over the top praise on a gay rights activist -- Edith Windsor -- who passed away and is credited with helping to legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S. The two recommended that a "statue" or a "monument" be built in her honor, and Stephanie Ruhle lauded her as a "true, true champion" and declared…

LGBT March the Latest in Series of Anti-Trump Protests

March 8th, 2017 5:32 PM
The left’s anti-Trump marches won’t stop at the end of March. Following the success of January 21’s Women’s March, the organizers planned March 8’s “Day Without a Woman.” Falling intentionally on International Women’s Day, the day included strikes, abstinence from social media use and spending, and a protest outside of the White House. 

ABC’s ‘When We Rise:’ Gay Marriage Not Enough – The Struggle Continues

March 4th, 2017 2:41 AM
The final installment of ABC’s ratings disaster When We Rise quietly ended Friday night with a victory and a warning. In the episode titled “Night IV,” the stabilization of the AIDS outbreak led to the charge for gay marriage. The success of California’s Proposition 8 – the state constitutional amendment that banned same sex marriage – lit a fire under the gay activists in San Francisco and led…

ABC's Gay Series Hates on Republican Presidents, Shows Love to Hillary

March 3rd, 2017 2:14 AM
The slander of President Ronald Reagan’s legacy by liberal gay activists continues. After ignoring his influence in stopping California’s Prop 6 as governor, President Reagan is painted as a homophobe unwilling to acknowledge or help gays during the height of the AIDS crisis. This characterization of a conservative legend has been debunked but that still hasn’t stopped the liberal gay activists…

ABC Gay Series 'Rise': 'Get Rid of All the Heterosexuals'

February 28th, 2017 5:47 AM
ABC's eight hour gay propaganda event When When Rise isn't afraid to go low. Monday night's episode immediately gets into the leftist activism with a montage bashing Republicans and comparing gay rights to the fight against Nazism and the Civil Rights movement - and it all goes down hill from there.

'NBC Nightly News' Frets LGBTQs ‘Fearing Change’ Under Trump

November 14th, 2016 2:32 PM
On Sunday, NBC Nightly News continued the onslaught of liberal fretting with a segment about gays and transgender people “fearing change” under President-elect Donald Trump such as gay marriages being overturned (despite Trump making clear on CBS that the matter is settled) and the “quick movement toward transgender rights” being set “to slow down” due to Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence…

Marriage Just a Business Proposition According to ABC's 'The Catch'

May 20th, 2016 1:45 AM
ABC's new series The Catch is certainly rife with the seven deadly sins but that doesn't stop them from sharing their “wisdom” when it comes to marriage. The mid-season finale of the cat and mouse style drama entitled “The Happy Couple: The Wedding” features a heist at a highend wedding. Two con-men, Ben and Rhys, attempt to weasel their way into the wedding by helping the couple (Stephanie and…

AP's '2-for-1' Hillary and Bill Story Revises Political History

May 19th, 2016 12:18 PM
Three offensive elements pervaded the Associated Press's Monday coverage of Hillary Clinton's statement that she will put her husband "in charge of revitalizing the economy." The first was how AP reporters Lisa Lerer and Catherin Lucey decided to resurrect the infamous "2-for-1 offer" then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton campaigned on in 1992 — an especially weak move, given its real-world…