NewsBusters Podcast: You Can’t Say ‘Leftist Agitators Storm State Capitols’

April 7th, 2023 10:23 PM

When leftist agitators storm state capitols, you can’t use those words. Leftist media won’t use labels for their own kind, and they won’t use “storm” for a left-wing disturbance inside a state capitol building, unless someone is shot by police. Two black legislators in Tennessee became instant media heroes when the Republican House majority expelled them for creating a disturbance on the House floor and violating House rules.

On NPR, Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep was upset when the Republican leader of the Tennessee House of Republicans compared the screaming and shoving matches with the January 6 riot. No policeman shot a protester in Tennessee's state capitol. But Inskeep grew snarky and minimized the Nashville circus to “three lawmakers talked out of turn.” That sounds a lot like comparing January 6 to a Capitol tourist trip.

The scrum did help the liberal media try to change the subject from a transgender shooter murdering six at a Christian school. The words "transgender" and "Christian" are being dropped out of the narrative.

PolitiFact took exception to Fox News host Laura Ingraham suggesting the Tennessee protesters "made their way onto the Capitol floor." She was somehow "False." But protesters were on the floor screaming into a bullhorn. It was an elected legislator, who's considered an authorized protester. 

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