PBS Hysteria: 'Research Reveals Depths of Racial Bias in Health Care'

February 25th, 2024 10:44 PM

Thursday’s edition of the PBS NewsHour ran a segment which appeared online under the exaggerated headline, “Research reveals depths of racial and ethnic bias in health care.” It’s part of “Race Matters,” yet another regular PBS segment aimed at a particular wing of the progressive movement, courtesy of your tax dollars.

PBS Asks: Did a 'Nonbinary Bathroom Ban' Kill an Oklahoma Trans Teen?

February 24th, 2024 10:50 PM

Did a “nonbinary bathroom ban” kill an Oklahoma trans teen? That’s what tax-funded news wants you to think. The PBS NewsHour again demonstrated its fealty to “trans” issues in a Thursday evening story on the tragic case of Nex Benedict, a “non-binary” Oklahoma student who died mysteriously one day after a fight in a school restroom. Oklahoma’s Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill…

NPR Honors Anonymous Texas Teacher & 'Secret' Stash of 'Banned Books'

February 24th, 2024 2:01 PM

Taxpayer-funded National "Public" Radio hates Republicans, and in red states like Texas, leftists become heroes for their "courage" in dangerous territory. On Wednesday's Morning Edition, openly gay NPR arts reporter Neda Ulaby spent seven minutes touting how "A secret shelf of banned books thrives in a Texas school, under the nose of censors." On NPR, the "censors" are censored:…


PBS Omits James Biden Testimony, Obsesses Over New Russiagate Angle

February 23rd, 2024 4:24 PM

On Wednesday, President Biden's brother James testified in the House impeachment inquiry. The PBS NewsHour aired an eight-minute segment on the Biden impeachment that never mentioned James Biden once. Instead, they obsessed over a new Russian-interference angle, as if they forgot the perennial falsehood of the "collusion" conspiracy theories? 

PBS Doc Champions One-Sided 'News' Site for Feminists, LGBTQ Activists

February 21st, 2024 3:55 PM

“Breaking the News,” the latest entry in PBS’s documentary series “Independent Lens,” celebrated the 2020 launch of news start-up The 19th* (asterisk included), which became a popular source for the most woke of PBS NewsHour journalistic guests. The doc’s creators are clearly on the same wavelength with the feminist, LGBTQ-oriented site. From the “About…

ICK: PBS Marks Black History Month by Lauding Cop Killer Assata Shakur

February 21st, 2024 8:19 AM

Your tax dollars at work -- to laud violent Marxism and a cop killer for Black History Month. PBS News Weekend on Sunday devoted its semi-weekly “Hidden Histories” segment to praise the militant Marxist-black power group the Black Panther Party, founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland. His Rutgers professor guest Donna Murch valorized left-wing heroine and cop killer, Assata…

Column: Who Will Deprogram the Radicals at National Public Radio?

February 21st, 2024 5:53 AM

One of the grandest fictions of our leftist media is that somehow, championing “social change” is what makes you a “bona fide news organization.” Anyone who resists that siren song isn’t a professional, but a propagandist. One-sided coverage is great -- if you've picked the right side. NPR displayed this fiction with an audaciously arrogant story headlined “Poland's new government deprograms…

The Gospel on PBS Lifts Spirits

February 19th, 2024 4:19 PM

If you are tired of TV shows like “The Bachelor” where women demean themselves by competing for the “love” of a man; if you are sick of all the shootings and explosions on TV, the canned laughter on sitcoms that mostly aren’t funny (which is why they have to insert canned laughter in the first place); if you want to have your spirit lifted out of the mundane and into the heavens, there is a…


Capehart Tries To Blame Trump For Putin Murdering Alexei Navalny

February 17th, 2024 9:50 AM

After outspoken Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny was murdered on Friday, Washington Post associate editor Jonathan Capehart joined PBS NewsHour to claim that former President Donald Trump “emboldened” Putin and clearly looks forward to a Trump win in November.


PBS Hails 'Victory For Science' As Case Silences Climate Skeptics

February 15th, 2024 2:06 PM

Climate scientist Michael Mann recently won his $1 million defamation lawsuit against Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn where the two men fiercely criticized his work. On Wednesday, he joined PBS’s Christiane Amanpour to take a victory lap for his efforts to squash free speech.


PBS Anchor Pounces on Polish PM's Tweet to Rebuke GOP: 'Shame on You!'

February 13th, 2024 10:52 PM

Shame on the Republican Party! That was the message from Washington Week with The Atlantic panelist (and PBS NewsHour co-anchor) Amna Nawaz on Friday’s show. Nawaz, who doesn’t exactly hide her liberal leanings as anchor, was even more freewheeling from her novel perch around public television’s weekly political roundtable, using as anti-Republican ammunition the words of….…

PBS Mounts 'Gratuitous' Defense of Biden From Hur's Hurtful Report

February 12th, 2024 9:26 PM

The latest edition of Washington Week with The Atlantic waited until the 20th minute of the 26-minute episode (after an admittedly busy news week) to address concerns about President Joe Biden’s age and memory, after the release of Robert Hur’s alarming special report on Biden’s handling of classified documents. Moderator Jeffrey Goldberg said "obviously it's a legitimate…


PBS: Biden Special Counsel Was Performing for 'MAGA Republicans'

February 11th, 2024 6:11 PM

The PBS NewsHour Friday followed up its ridiculously supportive story Thursday evening on mentally declining President Joe Biden who held a presser to lash out at a damning special counsel report documenting his false statements about how he treated classified documents, as well as documenting his problems remembering important events. Thursday night's program featured, as its expert…

‘Mentally, He’s Quite Acute’:Biden’s Pathetic Presser Mocks PBS Praise

February 10th, 2024 6:00 PM

President Joe Biden held a truly disastrous off-the-cuff press conference Thursday night, spurred by a damning special counsel report from Robert Hur on Biden’s unauthorized retention of classified documents. While Hur said no criminal charges were warranted, his report included the devastating argument that it would be hard to convict the president given that “Mr. Biden would likely present…