TV’s Worst of the Week 10/10/21: Straight Spaces, Progressive Piñatas & Upholding Whiteness

October 15th, 2021 4:45 PM

Welcome to TV’s Worst of the Week, where MRC Culture's on TV Blog recounts the top liberal bias moments in entertainment television for the week of October 10, 2021.

From Our Blog

• The new Netflix sitcom Pretty Smart had a pretty dumb scene where a gay character complained that “being gay in a straight world can be exhausting” because everything “by default is a straight space. And the world is full of straight spaces.”



• The new Fox drama Our Kind of People, about the lives of the wealthy, black elite on Martha’s Vineyard, bemoaned “Men who feel the need to uphold their whiteness, even if it means destroying lucrative business deals,” after a deal to purchase a sports team was scuttled over naming the stadium after a Black Panther.



• On the woke medical drama New Amsterdam on NBC, the show’s new villain chided the hero for making the hospital too woke: “Max, your lobby looks like a progressive piñata just exploded. There are so many memorial plaques and so many apologetic commemorative poems. I mean, you might as well be getting a checkup at a Bernie Sanders rally.”



• Another woke medical drama, Fox’s The Resident, returned to the Black Lives Matter trope of the racist cop quick to pull his gun on innocent black men. (See all our BLM on TV coverage HERE.)



• Showtime's American Rust had a local small businessman threaten to “move or shut down” in the face of his employees wanting to unionize. He’s right, of course, but, knowing Hollywood, we can’t help but think he’ll be made to be a bigger bad guy in the future.

• CBS’s anti-Christian sitcom Young Sheldon had Sheldon gleefully planning to take down the church’s new youth pastor with his sister, saying, “We can attack his belief system together. Like the Wonder Twins of Atheism.”

• Shockingly, we had several pro-life stories this week, though they probably weren’t intended to be. Netflix's new series Maid powerfully dramatized the all-too-common experience of a woman being pressured to abort. CBS’s The Neighborhood (which has made the Worst of the Week in the pastmourned the loss of a “baby” – they did not use the pro-abortion mandated language of a “fetus” or “clump of cells” – through miscarriage. Lastly, NBC's newest heartfelt drama Ordinary Joe captured the unplanned beauty in unplanned parenthood when a disabled child asked his father, “Did I ruin your life?” Joe responded, Being your dad is more beautiful than any dream I could've ever imagined.”

Other Odds & Ends

• The main female character on the CBS comedy B Positive is bequeathed millions of dollars in a will, but is left feeling empty after a shopping spree and asked, "Are there support groups for rich, unhappy people?" Her friend quipped, "Not unless you want to become a Republican."

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