‘Vibes...Are Not Good’; Nets Fret Trump ‘Told’ GOP to Kill Border Deal

February 6th, 2024 3:38 PM

As NewsBusters has documented, ABC, CBS, and NBC used their Monday morning and evening news shows to run crisis communications for the Biden administration and U.S. Senate to promote their border deal. By Tuesday morning, it turned towards shaming Republicans as they whined “the vibes in Washington are not good” as Donald Trump “told” Republicans to ensure they “tanked” the deal.


CBS’s Brennan Tries To Put Trump Criticism In Sen. Lankford’s Mouth

January 28th, 2024 10:19 PM

Today’s interview of Senator James Lankford (R-OK) illustrates the very reason why the late, great Rush Limbaugh coined the term “drive-by media”. CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan attempted to pull a fast one and manufacture a quote from Sen. Lankford that he never uttered.

5 Senators DEMAND Orwellian Disinfo Board Release Founding Documents

May 24th, 2022 12:51 PM

The Disinformation Governance Board may be paused, but senators on Monday demanded the Biden administration release documents and communications from the entity many have nicknamed the “Ministry of Truth.”

On the Offensive: Lankford Slams Big Tech at CPAC

February 28th, 2022 1:19 PM

Over the weekend during a CPAC panel, Senator James Lankford (R-OK) slammed Big Tech dominance. A long proponent of reforming Section 230, Lankford stated reform was essential to protecting free speech. Lankford doubled down on this stance and argued Section 230 must be reformed since Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter allegedly used it to censor conservatives.


NR Is Blunt: 'NPR Remains Journalistically Incompetent'

August 1st, 2020 6:51 PM

On Thursday, Kevin Williamson at National Review described how "NPR Remains Journalistically Incompetent." His target was Morning Edition anchor  David Greene: "If you would like an example of how it is that our political discourse gets dumber by the day, tune in to NPR."


Smug CBS Lectures on ‘Moral’ Threat of Trump Rally, Protests Are Fine

June 19th, 2020 3:15 PM

CBS This Morning co-host Tony Dokoupil on Friday hypocritically huffed about the “moral” outrage for Donald Trump’s upcoming Tulsa rally, but telling Senator James Lankford that the protests the country has seen recently are fine because they are not organized. After Dokoupil lectured the Republican by saying, “So why put public safety at risk for a political rally,” Lankford shot…


ABC Has No Women's March Query for Dems, GOP Hit on MAGA-Hat Teens

January 20th, 2019 4:10 PM
On ABC's This Week, host Martha Raddatz began the program with Democrat presidential aspirant Kirsten Gillibrand, but never asked her a single question about the Women's March controversies over anti-Semitism, even though she spoke on Saturday at a Women's March event in Des Moines. But Raddatz pressed Sen. Jim Lankford (R-Okla.) to denounce a viral video that alleged to show Catholic teenagers…

Al Punto difama a dueños de armas- ahora con canción y comedia

November 30th, 2017 11:10 PM
El semanario dominical Al Punto de Univision, presentado por Jorge Ramos, es un conocido oponente del derecho al porte individual de armas de fuego, y se ha dado a la tarea de diseminar puntos para socavar ese derecho fundamental. Un segmento reciente sugiere que el programa podría estar tomando una nueva estrategia: activismo antiarmas solapado con comedia y canción.

'Al Punto' Anti-Gun Smear Campaign Continues

November 30th, 2017 10:32 PM
Univision’s Sunday talker Al Punto, hosted by Jorge Ramos, is a known disseminator of gun control tropes and talking points, which are clearly aimed at eroding the rights of lawful gun owners. A recent segment suggests that the show might be taking a new approach: anti-gun activism under the guise of comedy and song.

Advocacy: NYT Opinion Urges Calls to GOP Senators to Stop Tax Bill

November 29th, 2017 2:52 PM
On Wednesday, The New York Times editorial board and Twitter account arguably crossed a line into becoming a grassroots advocacy group, encouraging and providing both readers and Twitter followers with phone numbers to call select Republican Senators in order to defeat the Republican tax plan.

Wolf Blitzer Praises Inaccurate CBO's 'Pretty Good Track Record'

November 28th, 2017 11:34 AM
One of the liberal media’s tactics for criticizing tax cuts is to complain about increased deficits. That was the tack CNN lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer used on Nov. 27, while interviewing Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma about the GOP tax plan.

ABC, NBC Maintain Clinton-Uranium Blackout, CBS Finds It 5 Days Late

October 22nd, 2017 2:48 PM
During Sunday’s Face the Nation, Moderator John Dickerson became the first member of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to crack the broadcast TV blackout of the Hillary Clinton-Uranium scandal. But his mention of the story came five days after The Hill first exposed how the FBI was investigating Russian bribery of public officials to purchase the radioactive substance. And segment…

Sen. Lankford: Christian Genocide Coverage 'Very Disheartening'

May 12th, 2017 2:04 PM
On Thursday, at the World Summit for the Defense of Persecuted Christians, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) warned of the growing threat to religious liberty worldwide and the lack of government and media action taken to confront it. Hosted by The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Lankford joined global politicians, faith leaders and victims of persecution in the first-ever international summit to…

Wallace To Schiff: 'We're Done With' Hillary's 'Powell Did It' Defense

May 29th, 2016 10:24 PM

On Fox News Sunday, in a segment comparing statements in the State Department Inspector General's report with claims Hillary Clinton has made about her emails and use of a home-brew private server while she was Secretary of State, host Chris Wallace had to endure Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff's obsessive insistence on bringing up former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who left office…