Orlando Sentinel Tells Dangerous Lies About Hamas-Israel on Op-Ed Page

November 3rd, 2023 10:20 PM

The shock of October 7 and the war launched against Jewish civilians by Palestinian terror group Hamas has worn off all too quickly among a press corps primed to see Israel as a malign force. The pivot to deceitful Israel-blaming arrived this week at the Orlando Sentinel, one of Florida’s top newspapers. Two columns full of repellent lies appeared Sunday, one by Irfan Kovankaya, “…

Orlando Paper Hits DeSantis ‘Hard Line Against LGBTQ,’ Trans, Blacks

May 29th, 2023 8:31 PM

Jeffrey Schweers, Tallahassee bureau reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, marked Gov. Ron DeSantis’s official entry into the presidential race with a 4,600-word story on Sunday’s front page, “Who Is Ron DeSantis?” The front-page jump leads to a two-page spread inside the paper, both pages headlined with quotes accusing DeSantis of arrogance and bullying. DeSantis was previously…

Orlando Paper: 'Ruthless' ‘Bully’ DeSantis Pushes ‘Hard-Right Agenda'

May 9th, 2023 4:56 PM

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper has spent the last five years waging war on Florida’s successful conservative governor Ron DeSantis. Now, as DeSantis seems to be preparing a presidential announcement, the front page of Sunday’s Sentinel features a bad-faith hit piece by reporter Jeffrey Schweers, appeared in print under the headline “Legislature veers right for DeSantis.” The…

Why Did El Nuevo Herald Not Run The Herald’s 'Drag Queen' Editorial?

June 22nd, 2022 3:35 PM

The Miami Herald recently published an editorial in support of child attendance of adult drag shows that, although widely panned, was reprinted by other publications including the Orlando Sentinel. But interestingly enough, neither the Herald nor the Sentinel ran the editorial in their Spanish-language sister publications El Nuevo Herald and El Sentinel (Orlando and South Florida…

Leftists, Media Go Berserk After DeSantis Signs New FL Free Speech Law

May 25th, 2021 3:37 PM

Big Tech has a long history of censoring the free press and free-thinking political candidates on their platforms. But now Big Tech corporations will have to pay the price for censoring political candidates in Florida thanks to new legislation signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) yesterday. DeSantis signed the state’s new pro-free speech law on May 24. The law immediately drew criticism…


In the Tank: 93% of Newspapers Have Endorsed Joe Biden (So Far)

October 29th, 2020 9:30 AM

With just five days to go, polls show a tight race in many of the key battleground states. But one place where the race isn’t tight: newsrooms across America. The country’s newspapers have absolutely thumped Donald Trump in their official endorsements, favoring Joe Biden by a count of (88) to (7)
Out of a total of 95 newspapers that…

Washington Post Hails Dem House Manager as 'Modern-Day Wonder Woman'

February 1st, 2020 6:55 AM

A Thursday Washington Post profile lauded a black Florida Democrat as she argued for removing President Trump from office. It carried a valentine headline: "The oaths she swears by: Cop-turned-House-manager Val Demings has 'that desire to always do the right thing.'" Media bias piled on media bias, as they touted the Orlando Sentinel describing Demings as a "modern-day Wonder Woman."

Major Hillary-Loving Newspapers Now Endorse Trump's Impeachment

December 14th, 2019 2:02 PM
Last Sunday, CNN's Brian Stelter complained on Twitter that Fox & Friends responded to the Times and Globe pieces with an on-screen banner, "MEDIA DECLARES TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED." Stelter fussed: "Who's writing those banners?!" By now, impeaching Trump has now been endorsed by The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, and The Washington Post. 

'Blood Bath': Univision Callously Exploits Pulse Victims, Survivors

February 28th, 2017 5:02 PM
Univision recently plumbed a new low by airing a crime special that featured a graphic reenactment of the terrorist attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. Incredibly, the network aired the special over the pleas and objections of victims, survivors, and surviving loved ones of the atrocity.

Will The Media Cover? Democratic Rep. To Face Corruption Charges

July 7th, 2016 10:46 PM
On Thursday afternoon, Politico's Matt Dixon reported that "Florida Rep. Corrine Brown has been indicted and will be appear in federal court in Jacksonville on Friday." Dixon cited a report from First Coast News, a news outlet in Jacksonville that owns local ABC and NBC affiliates. He noted that "Brown, a Democrat, was facing a Department of Justice Investigation related to 'fraudulent activities…

Kudos: Orlando Sports Writer Nails TDS (Tebow Derangement Syndrome)

July 1st, 2016 6:27 PM
Earlier this week we brought you the story of Tim Tebow, and the Delta Airlines flight he was on. Where an elderly man on the flight suffered a heart attack. Tebow went to the wife of the passenger and comforted and prayed with her.

In Lead Editorial, WashPost Compares Trump to Stalin, Pol Pot

February 26th, 2016 11:37 AM
Recently, we noted The Washington Post published an anti-Trump column comparing the New York businessman to Charlemagne, who ordered a massacare of more than 4,000. But in a completely panicked lead editorial in Thursday’s paper, the Post editorial board decided to compare Trump instead to the murderers of millions: “He would round up and deport 11 million people, a forced movement on a scale not…

Rubio Berates Paper, Debate Moderators as ‘Evidence’ of Liberal 'Bias'

October 28th, 2015 9:19 PM
During Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate on CNBC, Senator Marco Rubio (Fl.) excoriated the Florida newspaper The Sun-Sentinel and debate co-moderator Carl Quintanilla for raising questions about his young age and calls for him to resign from the Senate due to missed votes as examples of “a double standard” and “bias that exists in the American media today.”  

Drudge: Reporter 'Confined in a Closet' at Biden-Nelson Event

March 26th, 2011 8:35 PM
Question: What happens when you put Joe Biden, Florida Senator Bill Nelson, and Orlando Sentinel Reporter Scott Powers together in the house of a rich Democratic donor? Answer: They don't stay together for long, as reported in a Drudge flash late this afternoon (also carried at the PJ Tatler, whose time stamp is about 45 minutes later after adjusting for its West Coast location):…