Column: Kristof, Crystal Clear on Curtailing Conservatives

February 3rd, 2021 5:56 AM

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof recently penned a column titled “A Letter to My Conservative Friends: Hold us accountable, but please do the same for the charlatans who deceive you, use you and cheat you.” Kristof doesn’t name any conservative friends, so we can’t be sure he has any. But we can be sure he wants his "friends" to watch the conservative media get deplatformed.…

NY Times: Calm Down, Paranoid GOP, Liberals Only Want to Ban Fox!

January 28th, 2021 4:20 PM

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof continued his quest to ban Fox News from basic cable packages in his Thursday opinion, “A Letter to My Conservative Friends.” The contradictory message? Simmer down my Republican friends, there’s nothing to worry about…but kick Fox News out of basic cable packages: "As a start, don’t force people to subsidize Fox News by…


MSNBC's Brian Williams Finds 'Hope' in GOP Getting Crushed in Election

July 24th, 2020 5:38 AM

On Monday's The 11th Hour show, MSNBC host Brian Williams devoted a segment to letting liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof cheer for the U.S. to embrace more European-style socialism as he looked for a silver lining in the country's current problems with the economy, race relations and the pandemic.

Huh? NYT Hits Trump’s ‘False Claim’ Dems ‘Bent on Defunding Police'

June 11th, 2020 1:32 PM

The New York Times led Wednesday’s front page with an obvious attempt to portray the Republican Party as racist and “flat-footed” in the wake of mass protests against police across the nation: “G.O.P., Blindsided By Public’s Rage, Is Pressed To Act – Police Under Scrutiny – The Law and Order Party Loses Its Footing as Attitudes Shift.” The paper also insisted against actual…

NY Times Condescends: 'McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us'

May 10th, 2020 6:23 PM
Nicholas Kristof linked his love for big-spending European nations to the coronavirus pandemic in a full-page column for Sunday’s New York Times, “McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us.” He got in tasteless cracks: "More than 35,000 Americans have already died in part because the United States could not manage the pandemic as deftly as Denmark." Then he suggested…

Brian Williams Misleadingly Hints Trump, Pence Lying About Pandemic

April 15th, 2020 5:32 PM
On Monday night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham demonstrated that the news network's conservative opinion hosts are a more accurate source of information than what some would call "straight news journalists" on liberal networks like MSNBC. On the same night that MSNBC host "Lyin' Brian" Williams misleadingly hinted that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike…

For the NY Times’ Kristof, ‘Tis the Season for Redefining Christianity

December 22nd, 2019 6:27 PM
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof continued his peculiar tradition of devoting columns approaching religious holidays to asking various religious figures if one really had to believe in the Virgin Birth or the Resurrection to be considered a Christian. The latest entry came Sunday, three days before Christmas. He spoke to evangelist author Philip Yancey for “Was Mary a Virgin? Does…

NYT Hates 'Embarrassing' Fox, Longs for Good Old Days of Three Nets

November 17th, 2019 9:30 PM
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof attacked the one network not pushing all-out for a Trump impeachment in the Sunday Review: “Is Fox ‘News’ Or Trump’s Bodyguard?” For the veteran liberal commentator, things were better when the three networks spouted the same brand of anti-Nixon corporate liberalism to an audience with few other news choices. Kristof got…

NYT Hits ‘Right-Wing’ Use of ‘Treason,’ But Krugman Uses It on Trump

October 2nd, 2019 4:38 PM
New York Times reporter Katie Rogers rebuked President Trump for his use of the word “treason” to attack his political enemies on Twitter in “As Impeachment Inquiry Advances, President’s Language Takes a Dark Turn.” Rogers was critical of Trump’s overheated Twitter account, where he has been attacking Democrats, including House Intelligence Committee Chairman…

Now the NY Times Tells Us: Mueller’s ‘Wobbly’ Testimony No Surprise

July 25th, 2019 12:08 PM

The New York Times gave former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill a negative review in Thursday’s edition, terming it “shaky” and “halting,” even “excruciatingly awkward,” while tucking in rumors that he wasn’t fully engaged in the prosecution. Can one detect some frustration, even embarrassment in the paper’s coverage, now that the former special counsel, whose…

‘Reliable Sources?’ Lib Journos Loved Holocaust-Denying Al Jazeera

May 20th, 2019 3:11 PM
Being a lefty journalist means never having to say you’re sorry. Good thing, too. You’d be so busy wiping egg from your face you’d barely have time to scream about climate change causing pregnant hens to fly. Take media-types’ early, swooning support for Al Jazeera’s attempts to enter the U.S. market. Sure, character witnesses Nicholas Kristof, Brian Stelter and the…

NYT’s Kristof: Happy Easter! Is the Virgin Birth a ‘Bizarre Claim’?

April 21st, 2019 7:26 PM
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof spent yet another Easter Sunday trying to see just how little one can believe of Christianity’s anchoring ideas, and still consider oneself a Christian. Kristof refers to these regular interviews with theological figures as “my occasional series of conversations about Christianity.” All have the same theme -- seeing if one can get away…

NY Times Spent Years Crying ‘Collusion,' Dropped It As Report Loomed

March 24th, 2019 5:21 PM
In May 2017, Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to look into issues around possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which the media and Democrats quickly boiled down to a single word, “Collusion,” a vague charge which Donald Trump nonetheless was almost surely guilty of when it came to Russia. Twenty-two months later, the report has been issued and…

MSNBC's Velshi Pushes Gun Control in NZ Shooting Aftermath

March 20th, 2019 9:48 AM
In the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque attacks, MSNBC host Ali Velshi predictably devoted an entire segment on his show to promoting more gun control while only havng on guests who are in line with his anti-gun views.