CBS Burns Bernie For Not Dropping Out And Bowing To Clinton

June 24th, 2016 4:15 PM

During an interview with the cast of CBS This Morning, Bernie Sanders got a fiery reaction from the cast as they pestered him for not dropping out and endorsing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

CHARLIE ROSE: You were saying people who voted to leave are the same ideas and had the same feelings that the people that you're trying to appeal to in the Democratic primary?

BERNIE SANDERS: What I'm saying is that the establishment sometimes forgets that real-life flesh and blood people in this country are -- flesh and blood people in this country are hurting and hurting badly. You're the average male worker in this country, you're earning less in real dollars today than you did 40 years ago, and you are worried to death about the future of your children. If you walk the streets of San Francisco, you see people sleeping out on the streets --

CHARLIE ROSE: Those are the people Donald Trump is appealing to.

BERNIE SANDERS: Not a question of Donald Trump. It's a question of the reality --

CHARLIE ROSE: We're in a general election, an election for the future leadership of this country. The question is, you know, what message, what narrative, what policy proposals are resonating, and why are the voters making the choices they are?

Co-host Charlie Rose began to show his frustration with Sanders, and as quickly as that started, fellow co-host Gayle King tagged in to take her turn of asking the same question to Sanders.

GAYLE KING: Let's talk about the campaign here. You have said that you will likely not be the nominee. You've been on record saying that. Yet you have still -- you are still not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton. What tell take for you to say, you know what, I'm with her?

BERNIE SANDERS: It's not a question of me. We got 13 million votes. We got in virtually every primary and caucus the vast majority of younger people, people 45 years of age or younger. And what those voters are saying to the establishment, to Secretary Clinton, hey, are you going to stand up for us? Are you going to raise the minimum wage, in fact, to $15 an hour?

GAYLE KING: Can't you have that conversation and endorse her in the process?

BERNIE SANDERS: We have had that conversation. We have sat down, and our campaigns are working closely together.

GAYLE KING: Why have you not endorsed her yet?

BERNIE SANDERS: I haven't heard her say the things I think should be said.

The treatment Sanders received during the interview showed that the media (or at least these hosts) are tired of Sanders, and now want the liberal base to gather around in support of Clinton as the general election nears.