Colbert Cues Up Warren to Be 'Delighted' by Biden's Socialist Agenda

May 14th, 2021 3:31 PM

If you're a late night talk show host and a Democratic politician has a book to sell, you invite them on your show to hype it. That's what The Late Show host Stephen Colbert did early Thursday morning when he welcomed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on to discuss how great it is that President Biden is not the boring moderate he was portrayed as, but the most "…


Party of Science? King Feels ‘Guilty’ for Going Maskless Outside

May 14th, 2021 12:18 PM

CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King, who is fully vaccinated, feels “guilty,” “judged,” nervou,s and is uncomfortable with not wearing a mask while walking around New York City. Given that King is a Democratic backer, she doesn’t exactly sound like someone embracing the ideals of the so-called “party of science.”


Trans 'Clarice' Character Whines Original Film Made 'Life Harder'

May 14th, 2021 12:15 AM

CBS’s Clarice promised it would add a trans character to address the “complicated” history of Silence of the Lambs and it’s finally delivered. Predictably, it’s just as preachy and annoying as it gets.


As Biden’s Economy TANKS, CBS Makes Excuses for Wretched Job Numbers

May 13th, 2021 11:16 AM

With terrible new jobs numbers and rising inflation, CBS This Morning on Thursday made excuses for the Joe Biden economy, trying to find reasons not to blame the Democratic President. Reporter Ed O’Keefe explained that 11 Republican governors are pulling out of a program that raised unemployment checks by $300 a week. O’Keefe conceded, “It comes as most recent job numbers were…


CBS Skips Israeli Boy Killed by Hamas Rocket, Blames Violence on Jews

May 12th, 2021 8:42 PM

This week, a five-year-old boy in Sderot, Israel was killed after a Hamas rocket broke through the Iron Dome defense system and blew up his family’s house. His death went unreported on the CBS Evening News that night, even after NewsBusters called them out on Tuesday for underreporting Israeli casualties. On top of that, none of the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, or NBC) retracted…


Dem PR Machine: CBS Donates 41 Minutes to Michelle O in Just 5 Days!

May 12th, 2021 3:55 PM

CBS is cementing its status as the official network of the Obamas. After donating 18 minutes to Michelle Obama from Friday to Monday, Stephen Colbert on Monday night offered up his entire show to her, totaling 23 minutes towards promoting the former First Lady. That’s 41 minutes in four days. Back in November, the network devoted 48 minutes to promoting Barack Obama’s memoir. …


CBS Shocks: Caring About Cheney Is Like Caring About 3rd String QB

May 12th, 2021 11:54 AM

CBS This Morning’s Major Garrett on Wednesday shocked Americans as he rejected the evolving liberal media narrative that Liz Cheney is the most important story on the planet. Garrett mocked this idea as the equivalent of caring about the third string quarterback on a high school football team.


CBS Underreports Israeli Casualties from Hamas Rockets, Rip Airstrikes

May 11th, 2021 8:40 PM

In her Tuesday report for the CBS Evening News, foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer doubled down on her support for Hamas terrorists by under-reporting Israeli casualties from their rocket attacks and decrying Israeli retaliatory strikes on terrorist installations. In stark contrast, ABC’s Matt Gutman noted the lengths Israel went to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza…


CBS Gives Away the Game: Stacey, Does Voting Bill Help Dems in 2022?

May 11th, 2021 11:17 AM

After devoting 8 minutes and 51 seconds on Sunday to far-left Democrat Stacey Abrams, CBS This Morning on Tuesday contributed another 7 minutes and 16 seconds to the former candidate’s new novel. But the primary focus of the new interview gave away what Democrats and the liberal media really care about when they talk about the voting rights laws: Helping Democrats win.  

BLM-Biased TV Judge Blasts ‘Cycle of Corrupt Police Culture’

May 10th, 2021 9:46 PM

There are no good cops and cops do not protect black people. Such was the message of this week's episode of CBS's All Rise.


Siding with Terrorists: Nets Decry Israel Defending Itself from Hamas

May 10th, 2021 9:03 PM

Over the years, NewsBusters has extensively documented how the liberal broadcast networks had thrown their support behind terrorist groups that wanted to wipe Israel off the map. Well, they were back at it again Monday after Hamas had indiscriminately launched over 150 rockets at Israeli civilians and Israel justly responded by targeting their attacker. Between ABC, CBS, and, NBC they decried…


CBS Urges Stacey Abrams Presidential Run After She ‘Got Even’ With GOP

May 10th, 2021 4:04 PM

Amid a glowing profile of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams on CBS Sunday Morning, correspondent Erin Moriarty shamelessly urged the left-wing activist to run for president. That in-kind campaign donation came after the reporter hailed Abrams for having “got even” with Republicans in 2020 following her failed gubernatorial bid in 2018.


Oh, Look: It’s Time for Another 18 Minute CBS Donation to the Obamas

May 10th, 2021 12:00 PM

CBS This Morning has a special connection to Democratic stars Barack and Michelle Obama. Co-host Gayle King is an Obama donor and partied at the White House. Whenever the Obamas want a lot of air time, they can count on Gayle King. On Friday, she devoted 3 minutes and 58 seconds to fawning over Mrs. Obama. 


Former FDA Boss Tells CBS It’s Time to End Mask Mandates 'Wholesale'

May 9th, 2021 1:35 PM

In a welcomed Mother’s Day gift on Sunday’s Face the Nation, former FDA commissioner and Pfizer board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb called for the end of outdoor and INDOOR mask mandates in a “wholesale fashion” since the country was well on its way to getting over the COVID pandemic. He argued that “the public has to trust that public health officials are going to lift these restrictions…