CNN’s Zahn and Her Guests Use Death of Ohio Woman to Target Male Gun Owners

June 27th, 2007 11:20 AM

The search for missing pregnant Ohio woman Jessie Davis and the ongoing investigation into her murder has been all the rage recently on the twenty-four hour news networks, only surpassed by a few "choice" stories such as the coverage of the imprisonment of Paris Hilton. Not surprisingly, one network, CNN, used the murder of this young woman to forward a left-wing agenda. Two guests on Monday's "Paula Zahn Now" program warned that a "big risk factor" or a "big red flag" in cases of domestic violence and/or homicide against pregnant woman are "men who are gun owners."

Host Paula Zahn had three women guests on to discuss the question, "What is it about pregnancy that seems to increase a woman's risk of being killed by her partner?" The first guest to speak, Dr. Gail Saltz of New York Presbyterian Hospital, focused on the increased stresses on a woman and her "partner" during a pregnancy. The second guest, Jacquelyn Campbell, a nursing professor at John Hopkins University, was asked by Zahn if many of the murders of pregnant woman take place very late in the pregnancy. While answering, Campbell included in her list of risk factors "men who are gun owners as particularly dangerous in these cases."

The third guest, Pat Brown, went even further in demonizing male gun owners, even male owners of weapons of any kind. Zahn asked her, "are most of these crimes in some way linked to premeditation? Got to go out and buy a gun if you don't have one already." Brown's answer:

Well, I would say not necessarily, in the way we would think. I mean, most psychopaths, when they are manipulating people, they are always premeditating what they like and what they don't like. So, it is not something they necessarily do way ahead of time. But, before that actual event happens, they have probably gone through it in their minds. In other words, you don't do something you have never thought about. But psychopaths are also fascinated by weapons. I mean, they like the power and control that come with weapons. So, if you are hooking up with a guy who is really into a big gun collection or really into those ninja knives, it's a big red flag. He is not doing yoga, you know? (LAUGHTER) This is a guy who is not looking for the peaceful way out. He's looking for the power and control he gets. And, if he loses it with you and he loses it in his life, he may just eliminate you to get that power and control back.

So, "having a big gun collection" or being "really into those ninja knives" is a "red flag" or indication that a man is a psychopath? This is left-wing psychobabble. As a memorable quote from a movie released several years ago indicated, "you should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."

[MRC intern Michael Lanza assisted in the research for this article.]