Chris Silent on Journalistic Malpractice Helping Bro, Spews Hypocrisy

November 29th, 2021 11:12 PM

CNN went ahead and allowed Prime Time host Chris Cuomo to do his show Monday night under a darkening cloud of mistrust and scandal. The cause? New evidence released by the New York attorney general’s office exposed how intertwined Chris was with the executive office of his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as he faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. And while…

'You Need to Trust Me': CNN’s Cuomo Coordinated Brother’s PR Response

November 29th, 2021 5:30 PM

On Monday, newly released investigative documents from the New York Attorney General’s office further exposed just how early and involved CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo was working with his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office to cook up public statements in response to his sexual misconduct scandal, and exploit his sources to dig up leads on accusers and then-upcoming stories…

Editor’s Pick: Townhall on CNN Blaming ‘Car’ for Waukesha Attack

November 29th, 2021 9:58 AM

On Sunday, Townhall’s Rebecca Downs reported on CNN sending off a “problematic tweet” about the deadly attack on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She quoted the media outlet’s tone-deaf social media post: “‘Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others,’ the tweet…


CNN Pushes More Gun Control After Record Homicides in Philadelphia

November 29th, 2021 5:45 AM

Between Friday and Saturday, correspondent Brynn Gingras appeared on several CNN shows with a report relating that Philadelphia was on the verge of breaking its all-time record number of homicides. Instead of putting blame squarely on the left's hostility to police officers from the past several years -- led by the liberal media -- Gingras blamed factors like the pandemic and the…


CNN Legal Expert Surprisingly Slams Low Bail on Waukesha Mauler

November 28th, 2021 11:16 AM

On Wednesday's New Day, CNN legal analyst Elie Honig actually called for tougher responses to crime in the wake of tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a man intentionally drove an SUV into a parade. Six people have died from their injuries so far. The perpetrator, Darrell Brooks, is in custody, but had previously been out on $1000 bail for a different violent crime. 

Brianna Keilar Kaitlin Collins Charles Ramsay CNN New Day 11-26-21

CNN Analyst Has 'No Idea' What's Behind Smash and Grab Robbery Wave

November 26th, 2021 10:50 AM

On CNN's New Day, Charles Ramsay, a former Philadelphia police commissioner and now a senior CNN law-enforcement analyst, Ramsay twice confessed to being stumped for the reasons behind the current smash 'n grab wave. Said Ramsay: "Many of the young people we arrested had no previous criminal records. And why they were getting involved in something like this I have no idea . . .…

Editor’s Pick: EX-MSNBC Producer Calls Out CNN’s ‘Tabloid Tendencies’

November 24th, 2021 1:09 PM

Writing Monday in the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR), former MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary took CNN to task for its divisive and unconstructive approach to news, calling the Jeffrey Zucker-led network one based on “exaggerated tone and graphic content” that’s placed it in “the realm of tabloid-like material” that does nothing to further the ideals of real journalism meant to…

The Rittenhouse Verdict Showcased the Left's Aversion to Self-Defense

November 24th, 2021 11:08 AM

Before the right to keep and bear arms is stated in the Second Amendment, the Founders wrote why they believed it necessary for people to arm themselves as part of a “militia.” They said it is a “necessity to the security of a free state.” The Founders knew that liberty is not the natural state of humanity and must be defended against government authorities and lawbreakers who try to…


CNN Panel Blames Everyone But Biden For Poor Polling

November 24th, 2021 10:44 AM

Joe Biden is the president of the United States, but CNN seems to think that it’s “not quite fair” to hold him accountable for the economic failures of his administration. Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation, and on Tuesday’s Inside Politics, host John King and a panel discussed other people and organizations that they could blame for these abysmal numbers.…


Doocy Stuffs Psaki's Gobbles Over Biden Vacation, Rittenhouse, Turkeys

November 23rd, 2021 9:39 PM

In the final episode of The Psaki Show before Thanksgiving, Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy went into the break with a bang as he grilled Jen Psaki over far-left Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s proposal to abolish prisons, pressing for answers on whether President Biden will apologize for impugning Kyle Rittenhouse’s character, the record costs for Thanksgiving dinner, and…


CNN's John Avlon Freaks Over Ohio GOP Redistricting, Cries Racism

November 22nd, 2021 8:04 PM

On Friday's New Day show, CNN analyst John Avlon devoted a "Reality Check" to condemning the Republican-backed redistricting plan in Ohio which improves the GOP's strength in the state's congressional delegation. But between this week's edition and his hyperventilating over Texas redistricting a month ago, the liberal CNN analyst couldn't seem to make up his mind whether he supports or opposes…


CNN Host, Michael Cohen Joke About Throwing Trump Supporters in Jail

November 22nd, 2021 4:04 PM

CNN reminded the world on Monday afternoon that their intellectually lazy and poisonously partisan world exists far outside the bounds of reality as weekday afternoon CNN Newsroom co-host Alisyn Camerota found it worth spending 13 minutes and 16 seconds speaking with former Donald Trump lawyer and fix Michael Cohen to celebrate his release from house arrest. But worse yet, the…


Itching for Defamation Suit: Cuomo Smears Rittenhouse as Out to Kill

November 20th, 2021 12:02 AM

CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to be itching to catch a defamation suit from innocent Kyle Rittenhouse as he opened his Friday show after the not guilty verdict was handed out, calling him a “chump” filled with “animus” for the people in the Black Lives Matter riot who managed to trick the jury. He even suggested Rittenhouse should have tried to fight off the entire crowd with his fists first…


CNNer Blames White Privilege, 'Infantilization' for Not Guilty Verdict

November 19th, 2021 5:05 PM

While they didn’t spout off in the same unhinged manner as NBC and MSNBC, CNN was similarly displeased with the Kenosha jury finding Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges on Friday. They reluctantly admitted the defense had a solid argument for self-defense and the prosecution couldn’t breakthrough. But within the first 10 minutes of The Lead, CNN legal analyst Charles Coleman Jr…