Gross: ‘View’ Fantasizes About Line of Succession With ‘Dream’ President, Nancy Pelosi

October 7th, 2020 2:08 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the hosts of The View Wednesday to celebrate Joy Behar’s birthday by floating nasty conspiracies about President Trump and morbidly fantasize about needing to move down the line of succession.

First the hosts let the House Speaker attack the president on the latest battle over another emergency stimulus package. Guest co-host Ana Navarro called Trump’s back and forth with Pelosi evidence of his “erratic behavior,”  which Pelosi wholeheartedly agreed was erratic and dangerous and also was “hurting America’s children.” But Whoopi took it a step further by inviting the Democrat to concoct conspiracies about the president’s mental health.

Just like on yesterday’s show, Whoopi wondered if Trump was high on drugs, and Pelosi even suggested the president had been “medicated” since February!

WHOOPI: Well, one should also say that the doctors might want to step in and see how much of the medication is working here because they're steroids. I have been on steroids. I know what they do to your thinking, and so that's something someone should really be monitoring because, you know, it's not easy when someone is in this kind of steroid high. When was the last time you had an actual conversation with him? I remember the last time I saw you do it on television, and it didn't seem like it went that well. So do you -- is it time to pick up the phone? Do you want to go over to the White House? What's the best way to work this out now? 

PELOSI: I wouldn't go anywhere near the White House. It's one of the most dangerous places in the country both in terms of the assault that it makes on truth as well as health. Last time I had an interaction with the President was the State of the Union Address, and then after that, I tore up the speech and all and after that I said to my staff, I said, I think he was medicated. There's something wrong with how he came on and presented. I said yesterday to my colleagues, I said, there are those who say that a steroid has an impact on people's thinking. I don't know, but there are those health care providers who say that. Also, if you have the coronavirus, it has an impact as well. So the combination is something that should be viewed, but again -- 

WHOOPI: Yeah. 

PELOSI: There are enablers around the president that really should know better, should really know better, and the Republicans in Congress have enabled so much of this to happen….

After that trashy gossip worthy of the National Enquirer, the co-hosts began morbidly speculating about what would happen if both the President and Vice President were incapacitated or worse from coronavirus. (The networks eagerly promoted this upon news of Trump’s diagnosis last week, too.)

Sunny Hostin asked “second-in-line” Pelosi if Americans should be concerned:

“...[W]e now know that there are actually 24 COVID cases linked to the White House's coronavirus cluster,” she said adding, “It just seems to me this has become a grave matter of national security. You're second in line to the presidency. How concerned should we be?” Hostin asked.

Pelosi confirmed we should be concerned, so much in fact that the president needed an “intervention,”and a “plan,” (click expand):

Well, I think we should be concerned because of the virus and its viciousness, but also because of the denial that the president is in saying things like don't worry about it... there's something wrong about the disconnect between what the president's responsibilities are and what's happening. That's why I think that there has to be an intervention in terms of people around him to say, for the good of the country so that no more people get infected and die, we have to have -- we have to have a plan that recognizes the danger, and the dangers struck right into the Oval Office, to the President of the United States. We pray for him, for his family, for his work force, but we also pray for the other 200,000 people who died and their families and the 7.5 million people who are infected. 

From my standpoint as second in line, and god willing none of that ever plays in, I am getting tested, and of course, the tests have not -- have been uh,  good news as the doctors said. Good news, and continue to be tested, but it is something that is just bigger than the executive suite at the White House and the succession. I think that tonight at the debate it should be all about health care, health care, health care….

She concluded her rambling answer with, “So in any case, I'm taking precautions, but again, we're hoping and praying that everybody in line ahead of me gets well very soon, and that we all vote health, four weeks from now. Four weeks from now minus one day, everybody makes a vote for their health.”

To this, Joy Behar boasted “Okay. So Nancy, I'm dreaming of the day we call--say President Nancy Pelosi. I think that sounds really good,” before giggling. 

Both Behar and Whoopi’s last two questions to Pelosi were about Republicans “stealing the election.” 

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