Whoopi Pushes for Splitting the Republican Party, Which Helps Dems

September 26th, 2022 2:22 PM

With the midterms fast approaching, the Monday edition of ABC’s The View looked to seize on apparent bickering within the Republican Party to try and drive a wedge, with co-host Whoopi Goldberg pushing for the party to split, forming a third party, and cementing Democratic Party supremacy. Surprisingly, there was some pushback from unlikely members of the panel but one of the so-…


'Sunny Hostin' Accuses Nikki Haley of Using Fake Name to Seem White

September 20th, 2022 2:22 PM

Tuesday’s edition of The View gave us yet another example of how liberals are allowed to get away with making nakedly racist statements as long as the target of their hatred is a Republican. This latest instance came from so-called co-host “Sunny Hostin,” who accused former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley of not using her “real name” despite that being the name her parents gave her. But…


The View Denies Then Admits Late-Term Abortions Happen, GOP Hates Moms

September 15th, 2022 10:38 AM

In the wake of Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) 15-week abortions ban bill, the cackling coven of ABC’s The View kicked off Wednesday’s show by shrieking about how evil Republicans were (despite push back to the bill from Graham’s party colleagues). But misinformation was the word of the day as the cast falsely claimed late-term abortions were a “myth” before admitting they’re real;…

NewsBusters Podcast: The Cackling Coven of 'The View' Returns

September 7th, 2022 6:07 PM

On this episode of the NewsBusters Podcast, associate editor Nick “Night Train” Fondacaro and managing editor Curtis Houck discuss the Cackling Coven of The View returning for their 26th season on ABC “News.” In only two episodes this week, the cast proved they’re as ignorant and partisan as ever, with Whoopi Goldberg cursing out Republicans and defending Democratic denials…


'Doing Her Part': The View Defends Election Denial from Jean-Pierre

September 7th, 2022 2:53 PM

Doing their part to endanger our country on Wednesday, the cackling coven of ABC’s The View largely defended White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her denialism that former President Donald Trump legitimately won the 2016 election. Although, unusual battle lines were drawn as co-host Sunny Hostin took on co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. But co-host Sara Haines…


The View: '60-70 Percent' of GOP Are 'Fascist' MAGA Extremists

September 6th, 2022 2:29 PM

The dreaded day finally arrived on Tuesday as the cackling coven of ABC’s The View returned from their late-summer vacation and subjected the world to an entire show dedicated to their “Hot Topics” discussions. After falsely claiming Mar-a-Lago “wasn’t raided” and a commercial break, the radically liberal table launched into attacking Republican voters by suggesting the vast majority…


The View: Drag Shows Fine for Kids, No One Killed By Them Like Guns

August 1st, 2022 1:18 PM

In something of a double-down to a segment from last week, co-host Ana Navarro spent part of Monday’s The View making the totally rational argument (sarcasm) that sexually explicit drag shows weren’t that bad for kids, since they aren't deadly like guns. She also claimed red states were like Cuba and North Korea in that they’re supposedly barring their citizens from leaving…


The View Downplays Biden's Recession, Climate Change 'More Important'

July 28th, 2022 2:44 PM

Despite the spin from the White House and their allies in the liberal media, the Biden Recession is here and we’re living through it. But according to the cast of ABC’s The View on Thursday, only “some say we are officially in a recession” and climate change is “more important” than the financial pain and struggles of average Americans.


VICTORY: The View Buckles to Turning Point USA’s Defamation Threat

July 27th, 2022 12:25 PM

The conservative group Turning Point USA scored a victory against the cackling coven of ABC’s The View on Wednesday after the show complied with a cease and desist letter. The order demanded they correct the record and retract defamatory lies the panel had spewed claiming they “invited” and “embraced” neo-Nazis at their Student Action Summit in Florida over the weekend.


The View Claims 'Nobody's Pro-Abortion' But 'Everyone Is Pro-Life'

July 26th, 2022 1:36 PM

The marching, the protests, the shrill screaming outside the U.S. Supreme Court, and the assassination nation attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh are not being done by those who are pro-abortion because according to The View’s Sara Haines on Monday’s show, “nobody’s pro-abortion” and “everyone is pro-life.”


The View Falsely Claims DeSantis Thinks Neo-Nazis Are 'Good People'

July 25th, 2022 4:22 PM

The left is so terrified that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will be the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024 that they’re already desperately trying to devalue his stock. This was evident on Monday’s edition of The View where co-host Joy Behar indignantly demanded that DeSantis denounce a tiny group of “neo-Nazis” that gathered uninvited on the periphery of a Turning Point…


FLASHBACK: The View Decried Trump's 'Privileged' COVID Treatments

July 21st, 2022 1:41 PM

With the announcement Thursday that President Biden has COVID comes the naked double standard in how the liberal media treat an ill Republican president. In a perfect example, The View gave Biden a “get well soon dude,” meanwhile they angrily denounced how then-President Trump was receiving "privileged treatment" "at taxpayer expense" and compared him to a dictator.


The View on Prayer Ruling: Animal Sacrifices Coming to High Schools

June 28th, 2022 1:53 PM

The View might be broadcasting from a resort in the Bahamas, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to improve their state of mind. Thus was the case on Tuesday as the cast was again up in arms over yet another U.S. Supreme Court ruling; this one validated the right to religious liberty and expression under the Constitution. Together they demanded prayer be kept private and…


'INSANITY!' The View Loses Their Minds Over SCOTUS Gun Carry Ruling

June 23rd, 2022 2:01 PM

With the Supreme Court finding that New York’s arduous restrictions on the concealed carrying of firearms violated the Constitution in a 6-3 ruling on Thursday, the unhinged coven that made up ABC’s The View lost their minds. Calling the ruling “pure insanity” and “a middle finger to New York,” the cast was on a downward spiral from the get-go. They even seemed to encourage violence…