‘View’ Questions ‘Alleged’ Health Report; Claim White House Doctor Had No Choice But to Lie

January 17th, 2018 1:38 PM

For a show that likes to question President Trump’s sanity on a daily basis, the hosts at ABC’s The View sure like to entertain wacky conspiracy theories a lot. The day after the press obsessively questioned the presidential physician’s report that Trump was in excellent health, the talk show hosts couldn’t believe it either, wondering if it was a vast right-wing conspiracy to protect the president.

Sounding like the conspiracy theorists over at CNN, co-host Whoopi Goldberg launched the show by doubting the “allegedly excellent” results of the exam, touting “compelling evidence” that the new “girther movement” had merit.

Guest co-host Alicia Menendez, editor at feminist site Bustle and daughter of disgraced Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, explained that the girther movement started after people noticed a one inch difference in height on Trump’s driver’s license and his medical exam, and somehow that proved there was a conspiracy to protect Trump from scrutiny, as that one inch difference just barely edged him out of the obesite category on the BMI scale.

Co-host Meghan McCain found the talk ridiculous, telling the rest of the eager panel, “This conversation in general is what makes conservatives crazy,” she sighed. “Him passing his physical exam and passing his cognitive exam by a doctor who also treated President Bush and President Obama is not a reason to have a meltdown,” she stated.

Joy Behar oddly agreed with McCain, saying she was ready to take the exam results “at face value,” but then she was presented other “proof” that made her question the doctor’s credibility.

She explained that the doctor, Dr. Ronnie Jackson, spelled his name with a “y” in previous years, such as on Obama’s last physical results, as ABC put up the documents on screen.

“The question is how do you misspell your own name is the question?” Whoopi wondered. “He misspelled his own name!” Behar agreed, baffled.

Ironically, Hostin pointed out to McCain that conservatives “went out of their minds” when Hillary Clinton “stumbled” during the campaign, questioning her health, so she shouldn’t be hard on liberals for questioning Trump’s health.

But Whoopi claimed the presidential physicians lying about the health of the president was just par for the course.

The bottom line is this report was never going to be anything but what it is,” she said, before referencing President Kennedy’s health problems and FDR’s disability as incidents where the public was protected from the knowledge of the president’s health concerns.

“You know, these -- presidents are never -- were never meant to seem to be ill in any way,” she explained.

“A lot of lies,” Behar agreed. Whoopi concurred that lying for the president was the expected standard, saying,“Yeah a lot of them are lies but it was never going to change.”

Menendez dismissed the results of the cognitive test meaning anything about President Trump’s “stability.”

There's a difference between the cognitive test and mental stability...Not one in the same,” she argued.

Television doctors Sunny Hostin and Behar agreed with her. “He might be crazy but his neurologicals are okay,” Behar theorized.



After all this silly talk, McCain confronted the panel again asking if they “want” a new presidential physician now, since they didn’t get the answers they wanted.

“My question is, do you want to get a new presidential physician now? Because apparently he's not good enough for a lot of people even though he did Obama and W,” she asked.

Hostin thought it might be a good idea, saying she was “troubled” by Dr. Jackson saying Trump was in excellent health. Referencing CNN’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, she gushed, “Maybe get a second opinion!”

But Whoopi went back to her original point, that doctors always lied for presidents, so it wouldn’t make a difference. “This is as it has always been...They're never going to say ‘Yeah, he's got mental issues,’” she grumbled.

“But the bottom line is, Ronnie, thanks for what you did. Ok? Cause we knew you couldn’t say anything else,” she snarked, before cutting to commercial.