With Trump on the Ballot, The View Compares SCOTUS to Segregationists

March 4th, 2024 2:22 PM

The liberal media were beside themselves on Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) issued a unanimous, 9-0 ruling that former President Trump was to remain on the Colorado ballot, and in other states that were looking to remove him. The ruling also had the low-IQ brains of ABC’s The View short-circuiting as moderator Whoopi Goldberg flipped out and proclaimed Trump had “been…


The View: ‘Bad Look’ for SCOTUS to Hear Trump Case Smith Asked Them to

February 29th, 2024 5:17 PM

The liberal media were up in arms Thursday after the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take up the legal question of presidential immunity. Too busy trying to tear down American institutions and delegitimize the court, the liberal media didn’t want to mention that Special Counsel Jack Smith literally asked the court earlier this month to take up his case. But the facts didn’t matter to the liberal…


CNN Lends Credence to Hunter’s Conspiracy GOP Goading Him to Use Drugs

February 28th, 2024 5:55 PM

In an interview with Axios earlier this week, Hunter Biden suggested that the scrutiny congressional Republicans had him under was “maybe the ultimate test for a recovering addict;” the outlet also shared President Biden’s private fear that they could cause his son to relapse. And during CNN’s Inside Politics on Wednesday, host Dana Bash and Justice correspondent Evan Perez took the…


The View Was in DISARRAY Over Dem Pro-Hamas Protest Votes in Michigan

February 28th, 2024 3:48 PM

With roughly 13 percent of the Democratic primary electorate voting “uncommitted” in Michigan the previous evening, the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View were in utter disarray Wednesday morning. They were at each other’s throats as they battled between condemning and accepting protest votes against President Biden during such a crucial election season. They also clashed over what the…


Hostin Conspiracy: GOP Only Support IVF to Stave Off White Replacement

February 23rd, 2024 4:47 PM

Good things don’t last long on ABC’s The View. After defending embryos as children earlier in the week, staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) found her angle of attack against Republicans on Friday, in the wake of an Alabama Supreme Court ruling on in vitro fertilization. According to her, the only reason Republicans were now coming…


Civics Illiterate: Politico Reporter Denies Our Rights Come from God

February 23rd, 2024 12:42 PM

Someone failed their high school civics class! Or at least that’s the impression Politico’s democracy investigator, Heidi Przybyla left during an appearance on MSNBC’s All In Thursday night. According to the reporter who’s supposedly brushed up on American governance, if you understood that your rights as a human came from a higher power, it made up part of a dangerous “…


Scummy Hostin Claims Nikki Haley Doesn’t Actually Miss Her Husband

February 21st, 2024 2:31 PM

There was no low The View’s staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host, Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) would go to in order to attack her political opponents. During Wednesday’s show, scummy Hostin admitted she had “a dark heart” and insisted that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley didn’t actually miss her military husband who was deployed in Africa. She…


‘I Know History!’ Behar Thinks NATO Fought Hitler and Nazis in WWII

February 18th, 2024 9:21 AM

The dumb, it hurts! During Friday’s edition of ABC’s The View, moderator Joy Behar was venting about former President Trump threatening to pull out of NATO (something that didn’t happen the first time he threatened it). But amid her pearl-clutching, Behar lamented that Trump would be throwing away an alliance that had been in place for decades. An alliance which, according to her,…

CBS’s ‘Bloodbath’ Mass Firing Claimed Award-Winning Catherine Herridge

February 14th, 2024 6:22 PM

Former Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge was the one serious journalist inside the liberal broadcast networks to truly investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Biden family’s web of corruption; when she joined CBS News as an investigative correspondent. But as of Tuesday, Herridge found herself out of a job amid a wave of firings at the network and Paramount Global properties. Her ouster…


CBS, NBC Praise Biden ‘Talking Tough to Israel’ With Arab King

February 13th, 2024 3:01 PM

Possibly with the 2024 election on his mind, President Biden appeared to begin the process of abandoning America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel in order to appease the radical anti-Semitic elements of the Democratic base. Of course, this drew cheers from the pro-Hamas broadcast networks of CBS and NBC on Tuesday, which praised him for “talking tough to Israel” alongside an Arab…


ABC, NBC, NPR Reporters Try to Aid White House After Biden Blunder

February 9th, 2024 8:49 PM

Friday saw the first White House press briefing after President Biden’s embarrassing and disastrous press conference to address his mental acuity following a special counsel report that questioned it. While some questions posed a challenge for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and White House Counsel Office Spokesman Ian Sams, others were more interested in how the White House was…


‘I’m a Christian’: Joy Reid Claims She Didn't Curse Biden on Hot Mic

February 5th, 2024 3:26 PM

Last week, far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid made headlines after getting caught on a hot mic cursing out President Biden for promising to hit back at Iranian proxy forces after three U.S. soldiers were killed. But during an appearance on ABC’s The View on Monday, Reid claimed she didn’t curse him out and defended herself by suggesting “I’m a Christian.” She also engaged in revisionist…


CNN Hypes Fani Willis Refusing to Step Away from Trump Case Amid Probe

February 1st, 2024 8:00 PM

During CNN This Morning’s first hour on Thursday, CNN national security reporter Zachary Cohen hyped Fulton Country District Attorney Fani Willis for refusing to step away from her election subversion case against former President Trump. He also downplayed the seriousness of the case regarding her alleged use of taxpayer dollars to fund her adultery with Special Counsel Nathan Wade,…


Hostin: ‘You Can’t Say’ the ‘Vast Majority’ of America Is Not Racist

February 1st, 2024 1:42 PM

ABC’s The View kicked off Black History Month by asserting, without evidence, that most Americans were racist. Co-host Sunny Hostin snapped at “conservative” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin after she rightfully said that the “vast majority” of Americans were not racist. Hostin also tried to shut down debate by asserting that no one was allowed to question her “lived experience” on the…