Late-Night Panic: Biden Could Lose to Trump!

April 13th, 2024 1:03 PM

Late-night television changed forever after Donald Trump descended that escalator in 2015.

The left-leaning format abandoned all pretense of objectivity, turning their hosts into DNC shills. Fox News’ “Gutfeld!’ remains a sobering exception.



When President Trump left office in January 2021 that mission creep stayed in place.

Now, with the Biden-Trump rematch heading our way, some of late-night TV’s biggest stars are getting nervous.

Some might say panicky. Why?

The polls suggest the former President might just beat the current President come November. We’re a long way from November, but at the moment the late-night crowd isn’t happy with the state of the race.

Let’s start with Stephen Colbert, who literally joined a Biden fundraiser late last month fearing a second Trump term. The far-Left host is trying to drag President Biden over the finish line one more time.

To do so, he’s demanding Israel stop fighting back against the ghouls who tortured, raped and killed more than a thousand innocent Israeli citizens on Oct. 7. That plays into Biden’s hands, of course. The Democrat is losing his base for supporting Israel six months into the current war.

Remember, Colbert hosts a comedy talk show. He’s not a pundit or an advisor to Team Biden. He just looks and sounds like one, routinely abandoning any pretense of comedy in the process.

His fellow late-night Leftist Seth Meyers is even worse on that front.

The “SNL” alum is all but melting down over Biden’s tepid poll numbers. He, too, blames Biden’s management of the Israeli/Hamas war.

“[Voters] are understandably upset Biden keeps claiming he’s frustrated with Netanyahu’s handling of the war, while simultaneously sending more weapons to support that war against the wishes of a majority of Americans.

Meyers chastised Biden for not pushing harder for a Middle East ceasefire, which Biden promised during his propaganda-style interview with the leader.

“You’re the president. You can just say, ‘No more funding. No more weapons.’ You can call for a ceasefire—that’s what a majority of Americans want, including the tens of thousands of Democrats who are registering protest votes in key battleground states.”

That’s not a moral position. It’s one looking ahead to Nov. 5. In other words, it’s panic time.

“There must be an immediate lasting ceasefire and the safe return of all hostages…That’s the loud and clear message of these protest votes, and Biden must listen, otherwise he’s at risk of losing to someone whose presidency was a [complete disaster].”

Squint all you want, but you won’t find a single joke or attempt at humor in that harangue.

Not a one.



And then there’s Jimmy Kimmel.

The former “Man Show” star can’t believe polls suggest Trump may beat Biden in their do-over match. A recent survey found Trump beating Biden in six of seven swing states.

“How could this be?” a stunned Kimmel asked during a recent monologue. At least Kimmel squeezed out a quasi-joke to process the news.

Trump “doesn’t even lead in a poll of people who worked for him.”

 “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon isn’t as overtly partisan as his peers. He still allows Democratic heavyweights to push their agendas on his NBC platform. He recently teed up former First Lady Hillary Clinton to bark at swing voters that they cannot even think of staying home on Election Day.



Late-night comedians aren’t political activists by trade. Their gigs are meant to nudge viewers to bed with a smile.

Instead, they’ve become an extension of MSNBC. You’d think they’d be giddy at the chance to roast President Trump for another four years.

Instead, they’re panicked that they just might.