Megyn Kelly: ‘We’re Witnessing the Collapse of Wokism’

November 4th, 2023 1:30 PM

Megyn Kelly has a personal gripe with the woke mob.

It essentially ended her broadcast career in 2018. Kelly, then working with NBC News, downplayed outrage over children dressing in blackface in ways that enraged the social justice warriors of that time.

“Truly, you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface at Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character.”

NBC canceled “Megyn Kelly Today,” which was struggling to repeat her Fox News ratings success, following the imbroglio.

Kelly came roaring back with “The Megyn Kelly Show,” a podcast that quickly caught fire. SiriusXM gobbled up the rights to air the daily show, and it’s currently ranked no. 45 on iTunes podcast charts.

And, more importantly, the so-called woke warriors excusing or embracing it.



Kelly’s no-nonsense reportage, and willingness to call out extreme media bias, fueled her remarkable comeback. Now, she’s skewering the rise of anti-semitism following the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

Few broadcasters have matched Kelly’s attack on the relentless bigotry on display since those atrocities rocked Israel last month. This week, Kelly mocked a British police officer seen pulling down posters emblazoned with missing people caught up in Hamas’ reign of terror.



“We have to be upset because the lunatics get triggered by what Hamas did, they don’t like evidence of it on the wall?” Kelly said.

Kelly shared a rare silver lining from the ongoing Middle East conflict, one that could have cultural ramifications.

“The only good news to come out of this mess in the Middle East is that domestically, we’re witnessing the collapse of wokism,” Kelly said. “It’s happening, in real time, all around us.”

Kelly uncorked a long, impassioned rant that will leave a mark on anyone who previously gave the woke movement some credit.

“The woke Left has been exposed in spectacular fashion as a complete and total fraud. The very people who harassed us for years about our speech by demanding jobs be taken, SAT scores be thrown out, businesses be shut down for virtually any imagined offense that allegedly dehumanized a minority, have all gone silent on the open threats and attacks on Jews.

“They claimed that hate speech should be banned, even rendered unconstitutional because they said it’s violent. They claimed that they needed their own safe spaces where they would be ‘centered’ and not subjected to ‘triggering ideas’ and ‘arguments.’ They told us ‘intent to harm’ or ‘intent to offend’ did not matter. All that mattered was the effect of one’s words and effect alone would determine whether one’s career, academic record or ability to function in polite society to continue.

“Now with actual Jew hatred … and threats as explicit as ‘kill the Jews’ all over college campuses they say … absolutely nothing. The BLM crowd, Ibram X Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, not only failed to condemn these behaviors, many in this woke crowd have participated in them and celebrated the Hamas atrocities against Israel. 



“University presidents allow the Jew hatred to be spewed on the campus quad. Jewish students are being assaulted, scared, encircled, and harassed, threatened, forced to stay inside so they can live and these sanctimonious, ‘safe space’ warriors are too chicken s*** to lift a finger to protect them.

“These same universities that canceled professors for challenging college dogma about race or gender are now, suddenly, trying to restyle themselves as free-speech warriors. ‘We would never punish students for their controversial opinions. That’s not who we are.’ Even if those opinions happen to be, ‘hey hey, ho ho, these Jews on campus have got to go!’

“They’ve given up the game. They never meant any of it. It was all a ruse to gain control over the rest of us. Over the job market. Over the politicians. Over corporate America that does the hiring. These are not good-hearted, well-meaning souls embracing the struggle of the minority. They’re grifters, frauds, liars and spoiled brats,” she said.

“Many of us knew who they were before this. For those that did not, it’s over. Any tolerance of these woke warriors will soon be just a distant memory.”