CNN's Hoover: Democrats 'Deserve' to 'Have a Heyday in November' Elections

June 16th, 2018 11:54 AM

Appearing as a guest on Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, liberal Republican and CNN political commentator Margaret Hoover advocated voting for Democratic candidates against pro-Donald Trump Republicans, and proclaimed that Democrats "deserve" to "have a heyday in November."

Her first cheerleading for Democrats came during a discussion of Virginia Republican Senate nominee Corey Stewart cracking that his opponent, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, should be locked up. As host Bill Maher fretted over such political talk becoming more acceptable, Hoover recalled criticism such talk is getting from Democrats, and then added: "Democrats are probably going to have a heyday in November, which they should. They deserve to."



A bit later, Maher complained about anti-Trump Republicans who might refuse to vote for Democrats and write in someone as an alternative: "Isn't it past time to do that? Don't you have to vote for the Democrat?" As he clarified, "I'm saying all Republicans who are not Trumpsters," Hoover responded, "Yes."

After the HBO host continued, "You can't do that bullshit anymore -- you have to actually vote for the Democrat," Hoover added, "Yeah, yes....You have to vote your principles...If there's a Trump person in your district --"

As Maher injected, "But there's only two choices," the CNN Republican completed her advocacy for Democratic candidates: "Right, then you have to vote for the Democrat in that case, yeah."

Also of note, earlier in the show, as Maher interviewed NBC contributor and Trump critic George Will, the longtime conservative columnist got in a dig at the Maher as the liberal comedian gushed over Will as being an example of a conservative that he has long admired. The HBO host recalled that he had been trying to get him to come on his show for 25 years, and noted that he used to read his column because "you always kept my liberalism honest."

Will quipped: "An oxymoron, but go ahead."