Piers Morgan Badgers Conservative Guest During Gun Control Debate

July 24th, 2012 12:27 AM

As he hosted a debate on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday,  CNN's Piers Morgan repeatedly cut off conservative guest John Lott as the former University of Chicago professor tried to argue against imposing additional gun control.

At one point, as he grew impatient with Lott trying to explain that the overwhelming majority of guns - 86 percent - are "semi-automatic," and that an "assault weapon" is not as unusual a weapon as it might sound, Morgan lost control and started ranting:

(Video can be found here.)

PIERS MORGAN: I'm not an expert, Mr. Lott, I'm not an expert, but a 24-year-old kid has gone in, bought four weapons, including an assault rifle. He's bought a magazine drum which has the capacity for 100 bullets a minute.

He's armed himself to the teeth with defensive gear which will stop anybody who  has got a gun in their from trying to kill him anyway, and he's then slaughtered a load of Americans. He slaughtered them in a movie theater! And your  answer is: It doesn't matter, that's what these weapons do, we should carry on allowing people to do this, to buy this stuff.