Spanish-Language Media Side With Antifa Mobs 

July 21st, 2020 8:46 PM

The extreme violence that some of the nation's cities have been experiencing is not the fault of the looters, shooters and vandals that have all but destroyed Seattle and Portland. Not, at least, according to the anchors and reporters at the nation´s Spanish-Speaking liberal news networks. To hear it from them, federal agents are to blame for invading the aforementioned peaceful, orderly Democrat-run cities.

Listen to this compilation from Telemundo, Univision and Estrella TV reports about the deployment of government agents to restore order in Portland, Oregon; a city ravaged by protesters who, in six weeks’ time, have burned buildings, vandalized stores, defaced and toppled statues, and terrorized even themselves.

JOSE DIAZ-BALART: Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, clashes between protesters and federal agents continue in the sixth week of protests following the death of George Floyd. Protesters vandalized city buildings, also federal buildings, and were dispersed with tear gas by federal agents wearing no insignia. The city’s mayor condemned the presence of government troops in Portland, because he said that the protests were diminishing until these federal troops arrived. 


MARIA TERESA SARAVIA: Local authorities blame the federal police for the chaos

MIRTHALA SALINAS: The city's mayor, Democrat Ted Wheeler, blamed federal police for worsening the crisis


The repressive actions ordered by the White House were also rejected by the main leaders of the House of Representatives


ILIA CALDERON: (Both) protesters and local officials have expressed their displeasure with the presence of federal agents in Portland.


FELICIDAD AVELEYRA: There is still controversy surrounding the deployment of federal agents to Chicago in order to, allegedly, counter violence on the streets. According to local media, the government will deploy 150 agents in the midst of rejection from those who believe that they will act undercover in order to arrest protesters without due process- something that has already been denounced in Portland, Oregon with arrests during protests against racism, in the sixth week of protests after the death of George Floyd. The troops launched tear gas and detained individuals (placing them) in unmarked vehicles- something similar to a kidnapping.

The focus of these stories was not on the violent mobs that threaten cities throughout the United States, but on the federal government’s defense of federal facilities in response to mob violence. As has too often been the case with Spanish-language media, interest in covering a story is directly proportional to whether or not it can make Donald Trump look bad. There wasn’t much reporting coming from the now-demolished CHAZ in Seattle, for example, because there were no federal troops present- no Bad Orange Man to blame for the violence occurring in Democrat-run cities within Democrat-run states.

So lazy was the reporting that in Telemundo’s case, they put up a graphic of Mexico’s federales as anchor José Díaz-Balart introduced the story on the violence in Portland. But perhaps lazy is better than conspiratorial, which is what you saw from midday anchor Felicidad Aveleyra as she proceeded to frame lawful arrests as extrajudicial kidnappings.

It would seem as though the media are trying very hard to cast Customs and Border Patrol and U.S. Marshals as America’s version of Maduro’s FAES goons in Venezuela. 

In stark terms, it is not a stretch to say that the media have taken the side of the mob. 

We invite you to contact the sponsors that enable anti-social, anti-American sentiment to fill the news at the Latino nets, and let them know that such news content is unacceptable. Here are a few of the advertisers that you can contact to help make a difference: Purina, Sketchers, and Corona beer.