Jorge Ramos Can't Stop, Won't Stop Bending The Knee To AOC

September 9th, 2022 8:40 PM

As sure as Death, Taxes, and the Sun rising in the East, Univision senior anchor and Special Editorial Advisor to the CEO Jorge Ramos will find a way to display effusive servility to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

This latest embarrassing display wasn't in an opinion column or interview but in a tweet reacting to the flowery GQ profile of AOC (you can read colleague Alex Christy's writeup here). As Christy made clear, it was a puff piece. A 6,800 word puff piece.

The profile begins with AOC’s reaction to demise of Roe v. Wade and immediately makes clear that this is a puff piece, “Out on the steps of the Capitol, a group of lawmakers gathered to sing ‘God Bless America,’ a preplanned photo op that now read as hopelessly out of touch: Angry Americans were spilling into the streets and elected Democrats were singing campfire songs. Ocasio-Cortez knew where she needed to be. It wasn’t at a sing-along.”

So what was Ramos' reaction to this puffery? To proclaim this 6,800-word monstrosity "essential reading" and "a great, insightful interview":

Of course, this isn't Ramos' first foray into over-the-top AOC puffery, which began from the moment she won her 2018 primary and was rocketed onto the national scene. In that first interview, Ramos tried to help AOC redefine socialism. 

JORGE RAMOS: Alexandria, what is a socialist like in 2018? And let me put that in context. There are many people here in the United States that -when they think about socialism- they compare it to the communism of the former Soviet Union. Why is your socialism so different from those history lessons?

Shortly thereafter, Ramos wrote an opinion column in support of AOC's signature Green New Deal, before soft-pedaling "Democratic Socialism" to his viewers both at Univision and on Facebook:

This is what older generations think of when they hear the word “socialism”: poverty, repression, and lack of individual freedoms. But younger generations tend to think of socialism as a system of basic guarantees, protections, and rights for all workers, children, the elderly, and the environment. Most democratic socialists aren’t advocating for a government takeover. They simply want a level playing field for everyone to succeed.

Ramos would later gush over an AOC appearance on ABC's This Week, shield her from scrutiny over remarks comparing migrant detention centers to Nazi concentration camps, before telling Spain's El País that African-Americans "already had" a president so it's time for AOC in 2024. At the time, we noted:

One wishes that Ramos’ naked racialist Jacobinism and open simping for AOC ‘24 were merely embarrassing, and not also extremely dangerous given today’s political climate. But Ramos quite openly and transparently is who he is. Univision’s continued indulgence of their senior news anchor’s extreme opinions, in print and otherwise, is further proof that the network is little more than a radical advocacy PAC with a broadcast license, engaged in raw partisan politics under cover of its news division.

Unfortunately, not much has changed at Univision despite undergoing a much-needed change both in ownership and atop its news division. In fact, it was new ownership that gave Ramos the title of Special Editorial Advisor to the CEO. The continued indulgence of Ramos only serves to undermine much-needed ongoing efforts to reform Univision's news division. So long as Ramos is there, pining for AOC, (and chief newsroom editor Daniel Morcate, for that matter) Univision will continue to be perceived as a mouthpiece for the far left.