Deadspin Argues Non-SJW Tiger Woods 'Hates' to Be Black

June 2nd, 2020 11:51 PM

The progressive media attack on African American athletes who refuse to be Kaepernick-ized is definitely on! Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are commonly in the line of fire by sports media who insist athletes should make politics as normal as their training regimens. By refusing to call America a racist police state, Woods, at least, is no better than the KKK, writes the unhinged Carron J. Phillips, of Deadspin (above right).

The recent ESPN documentary series on Jordan subjected him to a long list of attacks for avoiding the SJW limelight. Nancy Armour's USA Today hit piece typifies how he's been maligned: "This is how LeBron rises above Michael Jordan." LeBron James is a social justice warrior to the core, and Jordan is not. No secret who's more loved by the progressive media.

Woods, who once referred to himself as "Cablinasian” to describe his Caucasian, Black, Indian and Asian ancestry, made some thoughtful comments about the late George Floyd, the police and race relations, but Phillips buries him in a Deadspin hit piece because Tiger isn't angry, bitter and spewing hatred toward whitey. Here's what Woods said:

"My heart goes out to George Floyd, his loved ones and all of us who are hurting right now. I have always had the utmost respect for our law enforcement.

"They train so diligently to understand how, when and where to use force. This shocking tragedy clearly crossed that line..."

From Phillips' jaded viewpoint, those words could just as well have come from the late Senator Robert Byrd (Dem-W.V.) or any other klansman, current or former. He viciously lashed out at Woods, writing:

"The symbol above his words resembles three Ku Klux Klan hoods.

"It’s a coincidence, but you can’t unsee it.

"In the midst of one of America’s most pivotal moments, Tigers Woods decided that he too would join in with the rest of the sports world by releasing a useless and contradictory statement in an attempt to speak to this historic racial, cultural, and political moment."

Tiger Woods has forgotten that when he was arrested on a DUI charged a few years ago, his race was listed as “Black”, "a title he’s always run from," Phillips snarls.

Woods refuses to speak words of bitterness or to tick off a litany of police abuses ranging back to Rodney King 29 years ago. Phillips was quite able to do that without any help from the Tiger, who apparently doesn’t realize that the current racial unrest is about more than Floyd.

Phillips writes, "It’s also about Ahmaud Aubrey, and all the Amy Coopers of the world that have ever called the police on a Christian Cooper. It’s about decades of police brutality, and law enforcement officers getting a slap on the wrist for killing Black people at will. It’s about Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and every other Black person that’s ever been a hashtag."

A 2019 report by The Washington Post noted there had been 4,400 fatal police shootings since the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014. "The report also discovered that Black people are disproportionately killed by police, more likely to be killed while unarmed, and that police kill an average of three people per day," Phillips says.

"These are facts that the 44-year-old Woods willfully chooses to ignore ... ."

Not only is Woods not a card-carrying social justice warrior, he's also a friend of ... dare we say it ... Donald Trump, every SJW's most hated nightmare of a president. "Hours before Woods released his statement, the world watched as his buddy, Donald Trump, gave a press conference declaring himself our 'president of law and order,' as he vowed to invoke the Insurrection Act, an 1807 law that would allow him to deploy the military to enforce order to cities and states if riots and looting continue," Phillips goes on.

Phillips' blistering of Tiger Woods comes to an end when he writes that the golfing legend's statement shouldn’t surprise anyone "because this is who he is, and this is what he thinks of us.

"And when I say us, I mean Black people.

"A race of people that he hates being a part of."

There you have it. Tiger Woods needs to be reigned in and herded back to the progressive SJW plantation. The media says so.