‘Your Prayers Don’t Work’; Hollywood Uses Shooting to Push Gun Control

May 18th, 2018 3:42 PM

Sympathy and charity are the natural reactions to a tragedy. Using the deaths of innocent people as an immediate platform for political gain is inhuman.

So, naturally, that’s the route Hollywood elitists chose to take just hours after the school shooting in Santa Fe that left 10 dead and several injured. Actors and actresses attacked everything they could get their hands on with blind, misdirected rage and virtuous grandstanding. It was like a wake of ghoulish vultures, screeching “YOUR PRAYERS DON’T WORK.”

As politicians and others offered their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families, eager entertainers pounced on the sympathy and tore it to shreds. Producer Andy Lassner tweeted, “‘Thoughts and prayers’ is politician speak for ‘I need gun lobby money.’” Actress Mia Farrow stated, “Prayer does not replace action. WE NEED RATIONAL GUN LAWS.”

The attacks on faith continued. Actor Billy Eichner retweeted Vice President Pence’s statement about the shooting, and responded, “Forget your thoughts and prayers. You've been praying since Columbine. YOUR PRAYERS DON'T WORK. Can the rest of us rational thinking people actually try to do something about this now???”

Others turned on the politicians, hinting that they supported the shooter or were threatening towards the victims. Comedian Andy Richter tweeted a response to Trump’s support for the victims, saying “Who is he really with, though? The shooters or the ones who get shot?” Director Joss Whedon called Trump’s support for the victims “a threat.”

Attacks on gun rights were commonplace. Anti-gun hypocrite Julianne Moore tweeted, “Our leaders should be ashamed.” Ed Asner posted, “ALL of our leaders are failing us. We should all hang our heads in shame.” Author Joyce Carol Oates turned it into a campaign speech for Hillary Clinton, saying “Hillary Clinton was the candidate who spoke for sensible gun control. Clearly, unambiguously, & repeatedly. For this, T***p & GOP cohort pilloried her as someone who would "take away" their guns. Like NRA, media profits from mass shootings: gun sales, ratings. shall we say so?”

Some used the opportunity to bash the NRA, too. Actor Mark Hamill tweeted, “And it will keep happening & happening & happening & happening & happening & happening & happening & happening & happening & happening & happening until our gutless politicians stand up to the #NRA & pass the sensible guns laws the majority of Americans want.”

Alyssa Milano, who recently admitted to owning guns, spoke, “And guess what? The @NRA is going to use this tragedy to try and sell you more guns. If you’re a politician who is too damn much of a coward to say no to NRA money and to their demands, we will make it our mission to VOTE YOU OUT— Republican or Democrat. #NoRA”

Actor Josh Gad tweeted, “How many FUCKING times do we need to do this?!!! How many FUCKING kids need to die? HOW MANY?!! Millions?”

The real source of divisiveness in America are these supposed celebrity elitists, who turn a national tragedy into a sickening display of blame and anger. Pretending like one has emotions and sympathy to offer in Hollywood is apparently a challenge.