YIKES: Evening Nets Ignore Federal Reserve Report Showing Biden Q2 Job Numbers Off by 1 Million

December 19th, 2022 12:12 PM

The ABC, CBS and NBC evening news shows completely blacked out news on a devastating Federal Reserve report that ravaged President Joe Biden’s propaganda that the economy added 1 million jobs in the second quarter.

The Philadelphia Federal Reserve released a Dec. 13 report revealing that its estimates for “the employment changes from March through June 2022 were significantly different in 33 states and the District of Columbia compared” with estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics's (BLS) Current Employment Statistics (CES). 

Specifically, the report found that only10,500 net new jobs were added during the period rather than the 1,121,500 jobs estimated by the sum of the states; the U.S. CES estimated net growth of 1,047,000 jobs for the period.” [Emphasis added.]

That would indicate an enormous miss of well over 1 million jobs. This atrocious news should have aired on every broadcast network, but ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News ignored the story entirely during their Dec. 13, Dec. 14, Dec. 15 and Dec. 16 evening broadcasts.

The Big Three’s complete ignorance to the story is especially damning in light of Biden and his administration’s past comments on job creation during the second quarter. Biden praised in a July 28 statement how “Our job market remains historically strong, with unemployment at 3.6% and more than 1 million jobs created in the second quarter alone.” [Emphasis added.]

In addition, the White House Council of Economic Advisers pushed in a July 22 statement how “[i]n fact, the 1.1 million jobs created in the second quarter—an average of around 375,000 jobs per month — is more than three times more jobs created than in any three-month period leading up to a recession.

However, as the Fed concluded in its Dec. 13 reality dose, “Payroll jobs in the nation remained essentially flat from March through June 2022 after adjusting for” new Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data. [Emphasis added.]

The Washington Times summarized that the Biden administration “vastly overstated its estimate that employers created more than 1 million jobs in the second quarter of this year, claiming historic job growth when in fact hiring had stalled.” [Emphasis added.]

One would think that the massive discrepancy between the Biden administration’s talking points on job creation and the Fed’s new numbers would be a major story. Apparently this is not the case for the Big Three networks, which have repeatedly spiked stories that dared to expose  Biden’s pathetic economic record in 2022.

NewsBusters Analyst Kevin Tober contributed to this report. 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact ABC News (818) 460-7477, CBS News (212) 975-3247 and NBC News (212) 664-6192 and demand they report on the Philadelphia Fed’s devastating report on the jobs situation in the second quarter.