Politico Hypes Soros-Funded Group Wanting to Defund Police Foundations

September 24th, 2020 11:27 AM

You wouldn’t know it unless you looked under a few rocks, but cash from liberal billionaire George Soros is very much involved in the “defund the police” movement. 

Just don’t expect Politico to be too forthcoming about it in its skewed reporting.

In one of its latest bits of left-wing propaganda, Politico pushed a disgusting story headlined “New racial justice target: Defund the police foundations.” Justice? The sub-headline was just as bad: “Racial justice advocates are calling on corporations to sever their relationships with police foundations.” The “advocates” are from the radical left-wing group Color of Change, which is funded by Soros, along with other organizations directly affiliated with the group. Politico, of course, never mentioned anything about the group being connected to Soros.

The outlet lauded Color of Change as having “a long record of challenging corporate America for practices that it sees as perpetuating racism in the U.S.”

In fact, Soros groups have given millions collectively between Color of Change and its affiliated organizations over the years.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) gave at least $350,000 to the group in 2018 alone. In 2016, The Washington Times reported that Soros had given the group $500,000. More recently, Soros’s Democracy PAC gave the group’s PAC, Color of Change PAC, $1,750,000 in 2020, according to Federal Election Commission filings. 

For extra measure, Foundation Directory Online data show that the Soros charity Foundation to Promote Open Society, gave the Color of Change Education Fund $1,500,000 between 2015-2018. The Fund “has primarily focused on financially supporting Color of Change and its campaigns for various causes,” according to Influence Watch.



(Source: Foundation Center)

Politico drooled over Color of Change’s latest target: 

Color of Change, an online racial justice group with 7 million members, is calling on the companies to sever their relationships with the [police] foundations, which for some police departments have become a resource for surveillance technology, SWAT team guns, armor, drones and K-9 dogs. Critics say the gifts by the nonprofits to police departments escape public accountability.



Politico noted in its second paragraph that Bank of America, Chevron and Wells Fargo are “among the businesses that watchdogs are targeting for making donations to the privately run foundations associated with local police departments.” 

Politico touted a report by another group, LittleSis, a project of the liberal Public Accountability Initiative (PAI), in order to argue that “[t]he companies facing heat from advocates have long records of supporting police foundations across the country.” Guess what, Soros funded PAI too with $140,000 in 2016. Politico didn’t mention this either.


                       (Source: Foundation Center)


“The group plans to issue a report on corporate support for police foundations in the coming weeks. It has posted online petitions calling on corporations to divest from police foundations and refuse seats on their boards, calling out companies including Amazon, AT&T, Chevron and Target,” Politico said.

OSF recently committed $220 million to promote so-called “racial equality.” Perhaps funding groups on the “defunding the police” front is part of Soros's plan to bend the “arc of history” in the “right direction,” which, for him, could mean bending it away from supporting the police.

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