MSNBC Attacks 'Weird' GOP Debate For Talking Policy Instead Of Trump

August 25th, 2023 10:00 AM

MSNBC The 11th Hour guest host Ali Velshi, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, and presidential historian Michael Beschloss were all greatly distressed on Thursday as they reacted to the “weird” GOP primary debate from the night before that focused on policy differences between the candidates instead of obsession over Donald Trump and “the anti-democratic tendencies…

The Bezos Decade: Partisan Washington Post Is as Rabid as Ever

August 5th, 2023 8:40 AM

On August 5, 2013, we learned Jeff Bezos had bought the Washington Post for $250 million. The Amazon founder had an opportunity to demand that the Post hew to its longtime motto of being “an independent newspaper,” yet the record of the past decade shows the paper continues to be rabidly pro-Democrat and anti-Republican.

WashPost Forced to Correct Florida FAKE NEWS by Jennifer Rubin

July 17th, 2023 2:20 PM

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin laid an ostrich-sized egg on Friday, relying on a badly flawed Business Insider hit piece on Florida losing population under Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Jennifer Rubin’s Hypocrisy in Anti-GOP Spending Cut Rant Exposed

April 27th, 2023 1:29 PM

Self-proclaimed “NeverTrump” Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin is once again displaying her blatant hypocrisy in her latest op-ed attacking the GOP amidst the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations.


MSNBC Accuses GOP Of Restricting Voting, Returning To 'The Pre-1960s'

April 15th, 2023 12:50 PM

A Saturday MSNBC panel moderated by Velshi guest host, Voto Latino president and founder, and former Planned Parenthood board member, Maria Teresa Kumar sought to explain all the reasons why Republicans are terrible. For Kumar, one reason is that they seek to “restrict” voting by returning to “the pre-1960s.”


WORST OF 2022: Cursing the Conservative Court Award 

December 29th, 2022 11:50 AM

Today we present the WORST OF 2022: Cursing the Conservative Court Award. 

WashPost's Jennifer Rubin Becomes 'Untethered' After Abortion Decision

June 26th, 2022 6:27 AM

Now that the dust has settled a little bit from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, it’s time for Jennifer Rubin to come out of the woodwork to pen a truly egregious opinion piece for The Washington Post

WashPost Once Said ‘Fears’ of Gas Price Spike Under Biden ‘Overblown’

June 8th, 2022 5:35 PM

The Washington Post desperately tried to protect President Joe Biden from the political fallout of a gas price spike that it pretended in 2020 wouldn’t happen under his leadership.

REALLY Jen Rubin? Biden Economy Is ‘Extraordinary,’ Except Inflation

April 6th, 2022 5:20 PM

Washington Post opinion columnist Jennifer Rubin absurdly claimed that “Biden’s economic record is extraordinary, but it is marred by inflation.” That’s like pretending an athlete is healthy except for the fact that they’re “marred” by a torn ACL and a broken wrist.

Editor’s Pick: Blaze on Rubin Blasted for Defense of Biden Economy

April 5th, 2022 10:02 AM

On Monday, The Blaze’s Carlos Garcia reported on how “Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin was hammered on social media for giving a defense of the economy under President Joe Biden in her newest column.” He noted her laughable claim “that if inflation were not a factor that Biden’s ‘economic performance’ would be ‘unmatched.’”


Rubin Demands Media 'Stop Treating Republicans Like They're Normal!'

November 14th, 2021 8:54 PM

Ex-Republican Jennifer Rubin is so far to the left these days that she feels compelled to lecture the liberal media on how they’re too soft on Republicans, or as she calls them, “fascists.” The Washington Post columnist appeared on MSNBC Saturday to preach to the choir about how the media needs to adopt “new rules” and treat Republicans like if they weren’t already?


Bash, Rubin Praise Left-Wing Women For Saving America From Trump

October 2nd, 2021 10:42 AM

While guest hosting Inside Politics on Friday, CNN's Dana Bash took a break from the busy news cycle to look back at the Trump era with leftist Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. Together, the two of them explored how far-left women activists supposedly fought back against sexism and "saved democracy."


Bill Maher Show: Republicans Are 'All Crazed,' Democrats Are Too Weak

September 25th, 2021 6:40 PM

Our editor-at-large Brent Baker reported on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO host felt Joe Biden’s pain at finding the Republicans weren’t feeling bipartisan. Maher spent zero time pondering if the Democrats were feeling bipartisan. That never matters.

Politico: Jennifer Rubin So Pro-Biden It Embarrasses Biden Allies

September 18th, 2021 6:35 AM

On Thursday, Politico "West Wing Playbook" writer Alex Thompson reported Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin has transformed from "one of the Obama administration’s most reactionary critics" to "one of the most reliable defenders of the Biden administration." She has "distinguished herself herself as the Biden administration’s favorite columnist." That makes you "distinguished," and…