MSNBC Accuses Abbott and DeSantis of 'Human Trafficking'

September 16th, 2022 3:29 PM

Punchbowl News co-founder Jake Sherman sounded more like a Democratic politician or left-wing activist when he joined Friday’s Katy Tur Reports on MSNBC to accuse Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott of human trafficking for sending 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.


Sherman: No ‘Reset’ for Biden White House Facing ‘Brutal Reality’

January 18th, 2022 5:12 PM

Appearing on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart Reports Tuesday morning, Punchbowl News co-founder Jake Sherman scoffed at reports that the embattled Biden White House was going to “reset” with a new communications strategy. The political journalist delivered a hard dose of truth as he explained that no PR push could change the “brutal reality” for the flailing administration.


MSNBC: Even ‘Jesus’ Couldn’t Help Biden Pass Voting Bill

January 11th, 2022 5:02 PM

Ahead of President Biden’s futile attempt to gin up support for a federal takeover of elections with a Tuesday speech in Georgia, even MSNBC admitted there was no possibility of it getting through the evenly divided Senate. During her 9:00 a.m. ET show, anchor Stephanie Ruhle went so far as to say that “Jesus” himself wouldn’t be able to help Biden sell the doomed legislation.


ABC, NBC 'Befuddled' By Trump’s Demand for Larger COVID Relief Checks

December 27th, 2020 10:25 AM

Despite the fact that President Trump put out a video shortly before Christmas detailing the billions of dollars in wasteful spending going to foreign countries in the COVID relief bill, not to mention the disgust of many Americans at how they only got $600 after being unemployed for nine months, ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Sunday Today claimed they couldn’t figure…

Hunter Biden poll

Morning Joe SHOCKED Poll Shows Biden Scandal 'Sticking' With Voters

October 28th, 2020 7:47 PM

Less than a week from Election Day, the media and big tech are desperately trying to hold back the flood waters of the Hunter Biden fiasco that was sparked by a New York Post story that ties Joe Biden to a meeting with a Ukrainian energy executive. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday, co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Politico’s Jake Sherman about the results of a poll of registered voters…

The Media Officially Becomes the Communications Department for Biden

October 23rd, 2020 1:23 PM

This week, the New York Post published a bombshell story. Hunter Biden's laptop was apparently given to a computer repairman in Delaware, and a copy of the hard drive was turned over to the Post. The Post found several alarming emails. The first was a communique from a Ukrainian businessman from the natural gas company Burisma — the same company from which Hunter Biden would…

Even MSNBC Isn't Buying Democrats' Impeachment Spin

September 12th, 2019 6:00 PM

There is no surer way to know that the Democrats' anti-Trump messaging is having a bad day than when to be compared to a dumpster fire on MSNBC, but on Thursday's MSNBC Live that is exactly what happened. Against the backdrop of the House Judiciary Committee approving what they claim to be rules governing an impeachment inquiry, host Craig Melvin, NBC correspondent Geoff Bennett, and Politico'…


Politico’s Sherman Marvels at Dems Backing Green New Deal

March 12th, 2019 2:19 PM
Reacting to a new poll showing 65% of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers support the Green New Deal, on MSNBC Monday afternoon, Politico’s Jake Sherman found it “absolutely stunning” that the policy proposal from left-wing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was enjoying so much support among the party’s liberal base.

MSNBC Eagerly Promotes Dem Ad Comparing Jim Jordan to Joe Paterno

August 17th, 2018 5:23 PM
On her 2:00 p.m. ET hour show on Friday, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur seized on a nasty ad put out by the Democrat’s House Majority PAC that – among other things – compared Republican Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan to disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who helped cover up child sexual abuse for years. Rather than criticize the outrageous attack, Tur and Politico’s Jake Sherman touted the…

The Newseum Free Speech Debacle

August 11th, 2018 4:00 PM
I am offended at the Newseum’s T-shirt. Take a look at the label of this t-shirt at the Newseum's gift shop being offered for sale. It is described thusly: “Ladies Alternative Facts Tee.” On the shirt itself it defines “Alternative Fact” as follows: 1. A false statement delivered with deliberate intent to mislead or to deceive. Synonym: lie, prevarication, untruth.  

Journalists Pressure Newseum Into Pulling 'Fake News' T-Shirts on Sale

August 6th, 2018 5:52 PM
It came as a shock to liberal journalists to discover that the Newseum -- a museum deeply honoring the Old Media establishment -- was selling T-shirts that said "You Are Very Fake News." In another demonstration of their feelings about free speech and tolerance for opposing views....liberal journalists pressured the Newseum into pulling the "Fake News" shirts from their gift shop....after being…

'Me Too!' Politico Reporter Assures Harris-Perry He's Also a Feminist

October 12th, 2015 10:13 PM
Isn't that sweet: a Politico reporter assures a far-left MSNBC host that when it comes to a major issue, he shares her political viewpoint. On this evening's Rachel Maddow show, guest host Melissa Harris-Perry happened to mention that she was a "feminist." Hardly had Harris-Perry uttered the words when Jake Sherman, congressional correspondent for Politico, broke in to assure her "me too!"

Politico's Sherman Slams House GOP As 'Dysfunctional' After Conservati

June 21st, 2013 12:15 PM
On their website, Politico insists that it exists "to prove there's a robust and profitable future for tough, fair and fun coverage of politics and government." While promising to remain objective, the goal is really to provide "a distinctive brand of journalism that drives the conversation." Of course, the paper repeatedly fails to be fair and balanced and repeatedly succeeds in steering…

Politico: Boehner's Reelection As Speaker 'Wasn't Easy,' Even Though H

January 3rd, 2013 5:50 PM
Two years ago when 10 percent of congressional Democrats cast protest votes rather than vote for Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker, Politico's Jonathan Allen -- who, you may recall had rejoined the paper after a brief stint working for Debbie Wasserman Schultz -- and John Bresnahan dutifully gave readers a story chock full of pro-Pelosi spin, seeking to communicate that Pelosi had little to worry…