Morning Joe SHOCKED Poll Shows Biden Scandal 'Sticking' With Voters

October 28th, 2020 7:47 PM

Less than a week from Election Day, the media and big tech are desperately trying to hold back the flood waters of the Hunter Biden fiasco that was sparked by a New York Post story tying Joe Biden to a meeting with a Ukrainian energy executive.

Ever since The Post exposed the bombshell story on October 14, the left-wing media, in an effort to make the story die in darkness, have been working overtime to conceal the bad news for Biden. Twitter locked The Post out of their account two weeks ago, and an editor at NPR, after being asked why they hadn’t reported on it, released a statement saying that they “don’t want to waste [their] time” on it.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday, co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Politico’s Jake Sherman about the results of a poll of registered voters asking how much they had heard about the Biden scandal: “Alright, uh Jake Sherman, you have some polling on the Republican attacks on Hunter Biden. How are they shaping up? Are they sticking?”



Bewildered by the results, Sherman explained:

They are. We're actually seeing an unusual – a somewhat unusual level of break-through on this story. Our poll shows, the Politico/Morning Consult poll shows this morning that 50% of people have heard a lot or some of the story. And that is -- it does say that 51% heard not much or nothing at all.

Then, just to clarify, he admitted that the 50% number is surprisingly high considering that left-wing media outlets put so much effort into burying it: 

But to put this in context, this is a story that's by and large lived in the right-wing media-scape. It has not broken through to a large degree to the front page of The New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal but has kind of remained in that universe, so I would say that it does seem a bit high, not that the polling's wrong, I believe the polling, it seems unusually high for a story that's kind of existed in one ideological sphere.

That makes sense. It did “seem a bit high” to Sherman because it’s so disappointing that half the respondents had heard about the story. Since the leftist media usually control the narrative pretty effectively when they all work together, “journalists” like Sherman and Brzezinski grow frustrated when the truth is "sticking" with the American people despite all their best efforts.

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Read the transcript below:

MSNBC's Morning Joe

7:41:21 a.m. Eastern

BRZEZINSKI: Alright, uh Jake Sherman, you have some polling on the Republican attacks on Hunter Biden. How are they shaping up? Are they sticking? 

JAKE SHERMAN [POLITICO]: They are. We're actually seeing an unusual – a somewhat unusual level of break-through on this story. Our poll shows, the "Politico" morning consult poll shows this morning that 50% of people have heard a lot or some of the story. And that is -- it does say that 51% heard not much or nothing at all. But to put this in context, this is a story that's by and large lived in the right-wing media-scape. It has not broken through to a large degree to the front page of The New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal but has kind of remained in that universe, so I would say that it does seem a bit high, not that the polling's wrong, I believe the polling, it seems unusually high for a story that's kind of existed in one ideological sphere. 

WILLIE GEIST: Yeah, and in fact we heard Senator Ted Cruz in that interview with Jonathan Swan that was posted yesterday say “I don't think the Hunter Biden story moves a single vote.” That's Ted Cruz saying that.