FLASHBACK: The Media’s Skewed Coverage of Past Iowa Caucuses

January 14th, 2024 10:18 AM

In coverage of past Iowa caucuses, the media elite have mocked religious conservatives like Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz, yet always seem to be thrilled by their Democratic choices, spinning radicals as “moderates.”


Late Night 'Comedy' Bottom Ten Moments of 2023

December 27th, 2023 7:00 PM

It was a year of change for late night comedy. The Late Late show was cancelled by CBS after 5,300 episodes since 1995 after James Corden decided to return to England, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show used a series of temp hosts after Trevor Noah walked away at the end of 2022, CBS host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert finally stopped giving Donald Trump the He Who…


Meyers Slams ‘Handmaid’s Tale Werewolf’ Ted Cruz, ‘Cavalcade of Goons’

December 21st, 2023 1:09 PM

For this installment of late-night group therapy for rich, white liberals, NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers pointlessly bloviated about how much he hates Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as a “Handmaid’s Tale werewolf”, just one of Donald Trump’s “weird” “cavalcade of goons”, and someone who, if they were murdered, their colleagues wouldn’t seek to find his killer.

NewsBusters Podcast: When 'Fact Checkers' Sound Like Lefty Columnists

December 15th, 2023 11:59 PM

They describe themselves as "independent fact-checkers," but they're not. They sound like liberal columnists, which is why conservatives and Republicans disdain their partisan rulings. Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren have been "fact checked" very, very differently in the last decade. Alex Christy discusses the chapter he wrote with Brent Baker in the new book A Future for the News.


EXCLUSIVE: ‘The View’, Psaki RUN SCARED at Cruz Requests to Debate

December 5th, 2023 9:47 AM

NewsBusters has learned that, as part of his press tour promoting his latest book Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America (which was released on November 7), ABC’s The View turned down a pitch from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to enter the lion’s den for a third time to spar with the far-left, unhinged co-hosts and faux Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Lefty Media Loons Melt Down Over Ted Cruz’s Proposal on Pronouns

December 1st, 2023 9:56 AM

This week, pockets of the liberal media got their panties up in a wad and lied about a November 17 proposal from Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) entitled the Safeguarding Free Speech Act to “prohibit federal agencies from forcing an employee or contractor to use personal pronouns that contradict with an individual’s biological sex.” Given this touches the proverbial electrified rail of transgenderism…

PBS Documentary Blames Mosque Fire by Latino on White Supremacy, GOP

November 26th, 2023 10:39 PM

The latest PBS Independent Lens film program, “A Town Called Victoria,” was a three-hour report on the January 2017 firebombing of the Victoria Islamic Center mosque in the small town of Victoria, Texas. Predictably, there was a deeper left-wing political message within this documentary, part of the “Exploring Hate” series by NYC-based public television station WNET. snuck in partisan…


YouTube Censors Cruz’s Video Praising MRC Findings of Gazan Actor

November 21st, 2023 5:43 PM

Anti-free speech YouTube targeted a video from Sen. Ted Cruz’s popular podcast where the lawmaker praised a report from MRC’s NewsBusters about fake videos depicting alleged victims in the Gaza Strip.


Ted Cruz Hails NewsBusters for Exposing Nets Using Hamas Crisis Actor

November 14th, 2023 1:31 PM

On Monday’s edition of Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) podcast The Verdict, Cruz and co-host Ben Ferguson had a lengthy segment praising the work of NewsBusters and associate editor Nick Fondacaro for exposing the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, NBC for using dubious footage from a known pro-Hamas crisis actor named Saleh Aljafarawi.


'Facts Matter,' Cruz Battles Maher on Left's Election Denialism

November 11th, 2023 9:56 AM

Sen. Ted Cruz took his book tour to HBO and Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday where, after some mutual backscratching with the eponymous host, the duo battled it out on the left’s history of election denialism, specifically the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.


Kimmel Hires Drag Queen To Speculate About Cruz's Nipples To Children

November 10th, 2023 10:03 AM

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel reignited his long-running feud with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday as he hired Trixie Mattel of RuPaul’s Drag Race to read portions of Cruz’s new book, Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America, to children and to speculate about the senator’s nipples.


Kimmel Compares Trump, Cruz to STDs, Speculates About Cruz's Sex Life

October 20th, 2023 10:00 AM

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel returned to attacking his old nemesis, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, on Thursday’s show as he compared Cruz and former President Trump to STDs while also speculating on the former’s sex life.

A Dark Alliance: Communist Chinese Gov't-Tied TikTok Partners w/Disney

October 17th, 2023 11:49 AM

The leftist Walt Disney Company recently chose to partner with the communist Chinese government-tied TikTok as the struggling, woke entertainment giant sputters towards its 100 year anniversary.  

LOL: TX Tribune’s Framing of Libs vs. Cruz Went Exactly as You’d Think

September 25th, 2023 4:58 PM

The far-left Texas Tribune held their annual liberal confab and meeting of the hacks over the weekend (and framed similarly to the clownishly elite Aspen Ideas Festival) and, to his credit, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) entered enemy territory. Sure enough, the way the outlet’s Twitter (or X) account framed his appearance sure looked a lot different than their portrayal of sit-downs featuring…