NewsBusters Podcast: Alito Flag Hubbub Shows Journos Need Real Hobbies

May 24th, 2024 9:18 PM

Alongside Associate Editor Nick Fondacaro for this Friday edition of the show, we dove into the wholly manufactured liberal media storyline (courtesy of The New York Times) of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and flags outside his homes as a sign he’s ethically and morally compromised as a jurist and – gasp – a far-right extremist!

Simply put, the obsession over this story and the double standard created illustrates how far too many liberals need to grow up and touch some grass. It’s a genuinely disturbing to see in real time neighbor turning against neighbor, putting one’s petty political grudges over basic social cohesion.

We also discussed Ted Cruz entering the lion’s den at CNN in a duel with former conservative reporter Kaitlan Collins, who pretended to be offended when Cruz pointed out the left’s history of denying election results they dislike.

Not to be left out, The View got its due, as did an amazingly tone-deaf MSNBC bit on food prices from multimillionaire Stephanie Ruhle.

Listen to the show below or wherever you get your podcasts.