De Niro Goes on Curse-Fill Tirade, Trump Is 'Already' Hitler/Mussolini

May 14th, 2024 5:15 PM

Between co-host Sunny Hostin saying there were too many white people in Trump’s courtroom and George Stephanopoulos praising the Deep State, the Tuesday edition of ABC’s The View was already stacked with outrageous moments before Trump-hater and actor, Robert De Niro took the stage late in the show. The bitter aging actor went on an unhinged and profanity-filled tirade against the…


‘Packed With Patriots’: George Stephanopoulos Praises ‘the Deep State’

May 14th, 2024 3:30 PM

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of The View to hawk his new book The Situation Room: The Inside Story of Presidents in Crisis, ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos not only admitted to the existence of the Deep State, but he also praised them as “packed with patriots.” He went on to push a conspiracy theory against President Ronald Reagan which was debunked long ago by a…


Race-Obsessed Hostin: Too Many White People in Trump Trial Courtroom

May 14th, 2024 1:56 PM

The staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host of ABC’s The View, Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) was again allowed into the New York courtroom for former President Trump’s hush money trial and reported back to the Cackling Coven her shocking findings. Last week, she was startled by Trump’s “radioactive orange” face. This time, she was rocking brand new “binoculars” with…


‘I Got a Contract’: Whoopi Decries Meme About Her Leaving the Country

May 13th, 2024 6:11 PM

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg took umbrage with former President Trump during Monday’s show, because he apparently helped to spread an internet joke on his social media platform that she was moving to Canada. But despite her bitter ranting to the contrary, she had - in fact - threatened to leave the country the first time Trump was elected.


Haines DEMANDS Media DO MORE to Help Reelect Biden, Air Camp Events

May 13th, 2024 2:42 PM

Sara Haines is the co-host of ABC’s The View who’s supposed to be the voice of “independent” voters in the middle. But while she has defended conservatives on some things, the mask has slipped plenty of time. Such was the cast on Monday’s show when she grew frustrated with “the media” for not doing enough to help reelect President Biden – like airing his campaign events – because they…


Hostin Attended Trump Trial, Startled By ‘Radioactive Orange’ Face

May 10th, 2024 2:12 PM

Apparently, someone allowed staunchly racist and anti-Semitic ABC co-host Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) into the hush money trial of former President Trump and she reported back during Friday’s edition of The View. She said it was “shocking” to see Trump in person for the first time because his face was “radioactive orange.” She also lied about the composition of the…


Brain Worm Aficionados: The View Spouts Off on RFK Jr.'s Diagnosis

May 9th, 2024 3:13 PM

Masters of the subject, the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View kicked off their Thursday show by sounding off on independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his past diagnosis of having a dead worm in his brain. The irony that they, of all people, were going to mock someone else for having a parasite in their brain was completely lost on the cast.


Whoopi to Trump: ‘If You Didn't Do It, Why Are You in the Court?’

May 8th, 2024 4:18 PM

The View has championed so-called “criminal justice reform” efforts, praised cases of convicted criminals getting rulings overturned, and condemned former President Trump for his past calls to convict the Central Park Five. But on Wednesday’s edition of The View, moderator Whoopi Goldberg lashed out at Trump and proclaimed that he wouldn’t be in court if he didn’t commit the…


‘Prove a Point’: The View Wants Trump in Gitmo for Violating Gag Order

May 7th, 2024 1:49 PM

No one has ever accused the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View of having rational, measured responses to political happenings. Last year, they decried the legal notion that former President Trump was entitled to a fair trial; then on Tuesday, they wanted him sent to “Guantanamo Bay” with the terrorists because he violated the gag order for his hush money trial and was held in contempt…


‘Come on The View!’ MSNBC Biden Flack Defends Him Refusing Pressers

May 6th, 2024 5:56 PM

You can take the press secretary out of the White House, but you can’t take the White House out of the press secretary. Despite now being a member of the press (after her ethically dubious hiring by NBC/MSNBC), former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared on Monday’s edition of The View and defended President Biden’s refusal to do press conferences and his desire to only grant sit…


Leftist Journos and Celebs Trash Trump But Praise Pro-Hamas Protests

May 4th, 2024 9:39 AM

The following are the most obnoxious outbursts by leftist journalists and celebrities during the month of April. 


Hostin: You Can’t Send Police to Bust Camps, Kids Had ‘Fire Drills!’

May 3rd, 2024 3:42 PM

On Friday’s edition of The View, ABC’s staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host, Sunny Hostin (the descendant of slave owners) decried that administrators and states sent the police in to bust many of the illegal, anti-Semitic/pro-Hamas encampments on college campuses across the country. According to her, it was unconscionable for the police to break up the encampments because the…


ABC Claims UCLA Mob Was ‘Largely Peaceful’ While They Gassed Police

May 2nd, 2024 1:11 PM

CNN proved themselves to be biased fools in the summer of 2020 when they claimed the Black Lives Matter Riots were “fiery but mostly peaceful.” Well, ABC News told them to hold their beer Thursday morning as they had correspondent Trevor Ault assert that the anti-Semitic/pro-Hamas encampment at UCLA was “largely peaceful” with no sign of “fighting back” against police while admitting that they…


John Leguizamo Brings His Boring ‘Professional Latinx’ Act To The View

April 30th, 2024 8:16 PM

Actor/playwright/woke sermonizer John Leguizamo joined the bitter harridans at ABC’s The View, delighting them with his own performative bitterness and racial grievance. He was also there, ironically, to promote his own show on a new streaming platform called The Network.