NPR Uses Sob Stories, ‘Slash’ Fiction to Keep $31T Debt Train Rolling

April 27th, 2023 10:19 AM

Yet another fight in Congress over raising the “debt ceiling” or “debt limit,” to meet current spending commitments, has begun in earnest, with Republicans demanding actual spending cuts before they begin negotiations on adding still more debt. But tax-funded National Public Radio barely mentioned that intimidating figure in its coverage, instead playing into partisan Democratic sentiment,…

NPR Slobbers: Biden’s $1.9T Stimulus Will ‘Turbocharge’ Economy

March 12th, 2021 12:32 PM

The taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) put its left-wing bent on full display when it did cheerleading for President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic equivalent of a sugar binge. Enjoy the high, America.

NPR Scribe: Illegal Entries 'Normal' Again After Trump Effect Plunge

April 10th, 2018 9:02 AM
You know you're listening to National Public Radio when the abnormal is casually passed off as normal. Such was the case in the most recent NPR Politics podcast that was posted by National Public Radio on April 5, with a weekly roundup of news that runs every Thursday. NPR's Scott Horsley said border crossings are "kind of bouncing back off of an artificially low floor and what we're really…

PBS, NPR Bury Their Poll Results on BLM, Antifa, Statues (Correction)

August 20th, 2017 7:03 AM

Taxpayer-funded PBS and NPR are now in the polling business with Marist College, and like the other networks, their polls are often used to support putting heat on Republicans. On Wednesday, they announced they had found a majority of Americans were disappointed with the president’s responsive to the violence in Charlottesville. PBS then ignored their own finding that 62 percent favored…

ABC Anchor David Muir Attends State Dinner...After Mocking It In 2015

May 15th, 2016 8:48 AM

An invitation to a fancy state dinner at the White House clearly isn’t seen as an obvious sign that a journalist is “in the tank” for President Obama. Friday night’s state dinner for the presidents of five Nordic countries drew two nightly-news anchors – David Muir of ABC and Lester Holt of NBC – three, if you count Fox Special Report anchor Bret Baier. Muir and ABC News vice president Robin…


NPR Hypes 'Cranky News Consumer' Obama's Critique of the Media

March 30th, 2016 5:34 PM
NPR's Scott Horsley acted as a stenographer for President Obama on Tuesday's Morning Edition, as he reported on the Democrat's Monday slam of the news media. Horsley played up how the President "spoke as a politician who's been on the receiving end of tough questions; but also as a somewhat cranky news consumer who thinks too many reporters are falling down on the job." The correspondent also…

NPR Boosts Obama's Green Energy Order, Leaves No Room For Critics

March 20th, 2015 4:01 PM
NPR's Scott Horsley carried water for the Obama administration on Thursday's All Things Considered as he covered the President's green energy executive order. All of Horsley's soundbites during the segment came from the Democratic chief executive and two boosters of his latest environmental policy. True to form, the slanted NPR correspondent failed to include any criticism of the order in his…

NPR 'Fact Check' on Ernst Plays Games with Keystone Jobs Estimates

January 22nd, 2015 11:34 AM
There wasn’t a lot of fact-checking of Obama’s State of the Union address, but NPR promised they would be eyeing the factual claims. In a ten-minute segment on Wednesday's Morning Edition, they investigated claims they insisted what Obama said was “true,” if a matter of political dispute. But in "fact-checking" Sen. Joni Ernst's GOP response, NPR's Scott Horsley played a slippery game with the…

NPR Laments 'For Obama, August Is The Cruelest Month

August 24th, 2014 8:51 AM
NPR is again feeling Barack Obama’s pain, with a Friday All Things Considered story they headlined “For Obama, August Is the Cruelest Month.” Even the French are mocking his time off. The media now insist Obama is victimized by bad news, not that he's done anything wrong that would create bad news. His approval ratings are lowest in August, suggested NPR White House correspondent Scott…

NPR Touts Obama Using Navy Yard Memorial Service to Boost Gun Control

September 23rd, 2013 6:45 PM
On Monday's Morning Edition, NPR's Scott Horsley boosted President Obama's push for new gun control measures at the Sunday memorial service for the victims of the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. Horsley played four soundbites of Obama bemoaning the apparent lack of action on this issue, while including just one clip from the NRA's Wayne LaPierre. The correspondent also asserted…

Live Blog: President Obama's August 9 Press Conference

August 9th, 2013 3:09 PM
President Obama is taking questions from the news media. In the comments section, tell us what you would ask if you were a White House reporter. I'll be covering the questions journalists ask of the president below the page break. As always, I'm doing this on the fly, so transcriptions of questions may be imperfect:

NPR Promotes Liberals' Push to Turn Texas Purple in Future Elections

May 9th, 2013 5:58 PM
NPR's Scott Horsley filed an unashamedly slanted report on Thursday's Morning Edition about the former national field director for Obama's reelection campaign trying to boost voter turnout among Hispanics in Texas as a means of helping Democratic candidates. The only talking heads that Horsley featured during the segment were the former Obama campaign official, Jeremy Bird, and a fellow of the…

NPR Trumpets Obama's 'Modesty About What Government Can and Can't Do

August 23rd, 2012 6:57 PM
Scott Horsley's report on Wednesday's All Things Considered could have mistaken for a three-and-half minute ad from a pro-Obama super PAC. Horsley played up how "Mr. Obama often tempers his speeches with a dose of modesty about what government can and can't do" and how the President "pushes back strongly against the anti-government rhetoric of his GOP opponents." The NPR correspondent also…

NPR Puts Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' In 'Context' -- With Think Pr

July 26th, 2012 5:40 PM
Like all the other Obama-friendly media, NPR on its evening show All Things Considered devoted time to putting Obama’s “you didn’t build that” outburst “in context.” Co-host Audie Cornish promised, “In a few minutes, we'll listen to exactly what the president said in context.” They offered Obama a 70-second soundbite. But first, Cornish turned to NPR correspondent Scott Horsley, who spent 90…