The 7 Most Undercovered Obama Scandals

January 16th, 2017 9:00 AM
Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn-in yet but the liberal media has obsessed almost over every Trump tweet and controversy. Conversely, Barack Obama’s administration has been full of scandals and gaffes but liberal reporters have insisted that his record is clean as a whistle. Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw, after Obama’s January 10 farewell speech gushed: “He’s been scandal free,…

Press Thinks It Owns 'Fake News' Tag; Center-Right Has Had It 10 Years

December 31st, 2016 8:44 PM
On Christmas evening, appearing in print on Sunday, December 26, Jeremy Peters at the New York Times pretended that the term "fake news" has only gained common currency very recently during the social media era. He also effectively contended that the establishment press holds ownership rights over the term, claiming that "conservative cable and radio personalities, top Republicans and even Mr. (…

Mitchell: Those Raising Clinton Scandals Are 'Conspiracy Theorists'

July 19th, 2016 9:39 PM
MSNBC host, NBC News Clinton campaign correspondent and senior Clinton apologist Andrea Mitchell offered her latest Clinton spin on Tuesday during the Republican National Convention (RNC) by whining that the Clinton scandals ranging from Whitewater to Hillary’s e-mail scandal “will never be resolved to the satisfaction of the conspiracy theorists.”

CNN, MSNBC Barely Mention Corruption Conviction of Democratic Rep.

June 22nd, 2016 12:58 PM
On Tuesday, CNN and MSNBC minimized their coverage of a Pennsylvania jury convicting Democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah on 23 federal charges related to a scheme to repay campaign debt from an aborted 2007 bid to become mayor of Philadelphia. Jake Tapper stood out as the only CNN anchor, as of noon on Wednesday, to mention that Fattah was "found guilty on all 23 charges he faced — including…

In 'Scandal-Free' Obama Years, Frauds and a Molester on EPA's Payroll

May 30th, 2016 7:37 AM
On Saturday morning, Tom Johnson at NewsBusters called attention to how Paul Waldman at The Week recently crowed about the Obama administration's supposedly scandal-free record consisting of "only piddling little scandalettes."  Waldman's fever-swamp take is made even more hilarious by the fact that he considers George W. Bush's "selling of the Iraq War" a genuine scandal. But somehow, President…

Sekulow Sets the Record Straight on Obama's Denial of IRS Targeting

July 22nd, 2015 11:18 PM
Earlier today, Geoffrey Dickens at NewsBusters noted how the Big Three morning network news shows on NBC, ABC, and CBS failed to cover President Barack Obama's denial that the Internal Revenue Service ever went after Tea Party and other conservative groups in his appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Specifically Obama said that "it turned out no ... the truth of the matter is there was…

CNN, Others Go Light on Hillary's 'Not Subpoenaed' Lie

July 9th, 2015 10:57 PM
One would think that a presidential candidate falsely claiming that she never was subpoenaed would be bigger news story than people in the opposing party criticizing that candidate after the fact for her obviously false statement. As Tim Graham at NewsBusters noted late this afternoon, that's not the case. This post contains several more examples. At CNN, the network's own Brianna Keilar, who…

Hillary Deleted Passages From and Edited Emails; Will Press Ignore?

June 29th, 2015 11:39 PM
Yeah, yeah. This post is about Hillary Clinton. The left and the press (but I repeat myself) insist that nobody cares about her scandalous behavior, or her evasiveness, or her demonstrated serial dishonesty. And even though a large and growing percentage of Americans don't trust her, that doesn't matter either, because she'll still get most of their votes. That's because no one wants to ever-ever…

Jonathan Who? AP, NY Times Set the Stage For Gruber News Blackout

June 23rd, 2015 10:55 PM
Two recent NewsBusters posts have demonstrated that the major broadcast networks other than Fox News have failed to cover new information reported Sunday evening at the Wall Street Journal. Newly available emails reveal that MIT's Jonathan Gruber "worked more closely than previously known with the White House and top federal officials to shape" the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Monday…

Fox News Alone Covers Hillary's High-Level Private-Server Libya Emails

June 18th, 2015 3:24 PM
2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as seen in this March 10 Associated Press report, has claimed for several months that "No Classified Material (was) Sent via Her Personal Emails" from a home-based server she said "would remain private." That claim, like so many other representations Mrs. Clinton has made, fell apart earlier this week, when, as Fox News reported, it was…

Politico: Obama Nearly 'Lame Duck'; Reax to Trade Defeat 'Implausible'

June 12th, 2015 7:40 PM
Even the leftist apparatchiks at the Politico seem to have a limit to their tolerance for the doublespeak the White House and President Obama routinely disseminate. Reporters Edward-Isaac Dovere and Sarah Wheaton appear to hit that limit this afternoon after Obama's effort to pass Trade Adjustment Authorization (TAA) went down in flames by a shocking margin of 126-302. Since TAA had to pass for…

Lanny Davis Whines About 'Media Frenzy' Over Hillary Clinton

June 7th, 2015 10:40 AM
When they can't go directly after something a Republican or conservative candidate says, the establishment press attempts to make a big deal out of dumb things their aides utter or publish. Leftist apparatchiks usually have no such worries. The latest example of an item which would be prominently in the news if a Republican or conservative had written something equally dense comes from Lanny…

David Brooks: 'Obama Has Run An Amazingly Scandal-Free Administration'

May 31st, 2015 6:12 PM
One doesn't know what to do with the rubbish which follows beyond noting it and hoping that the ridicule which results will somehow and in some way have some kind of impact. Despite 6-1/2 years of horrid governance and dozens of acknowledged scandals, several of which a few of the credible remaining outposts of liberal thought have actually agreed are scandals, David Brooks, the New York Times's…

AP: Bill Clinton's Shell Company Only Evidence of 'Complexity'

May 27th, 2015 3:57 PM
The Associated Press and Stephen Braun did all they could to cover for the Clintons yesterday. First, the wire service attached the most boring headline imaginable to Braun's story about Bill Clinton's shell company shenanigans: "Bill Clinton company shows complexity of family finances." The message to subscribers, particularly the broadcast networks: "This is boring and time-consuming. Don't…