Politico: Chuck Todd's Wife Advising Jim Webb Presidential Campaign

December 2nd, 2014 2:38 PM

Back in October, NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd interviewed former Sen. Jim Webb as part of a series on potential presidential candidates. “a successful author and screenwriter and has written eight books over the years. And I do want to mention that my wife helped Jim Webb in his 2006 Senate campaign.”

Now Dylan Byers at Politico reports that Kristian Denny Todd (apparently through her firm Maverick Strategies)  is advising Webb currently. This could be a real conflict for Todd as he interviews other presidential candidates in the forthcoming election cycle.

Kristian Denny Todd, the Democratic strategist and wife of "Meet The Press" moderator Chuck Todd, is working with former Sen. Jim Webb as he considers a 2016 presidential bid, a Webb spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.

"She's been helping and advising him," Webb spokesperson Jessica Vanden Berg said.

Todd previously served as the communications director for Webb's 2006 Senate campaign in Virginia. She is not currently being paid by Webb's office, according to spending reports for Webb's political action committee.

When did this advising begin? Before Todd put Webb on his program? Mrs. Todd tweeted out an Eleanor Clift article on Webb on September 24.

She touted her husband moderating a U.S. Senate debate in Virginia days after his Webb interview on NBC: