NewsBusters Podcast: Nine-Zip SCOTUS Shredding Drives Olbermann Insane

March 4th, 2024 10:44 PM

On Monday, the Supreme Court unanimously shredded blue states attempting to rip Trump's name off the ballot, 9-0. They ruled states could not edit the ballot using their novel interpretation of the 14th Amendment against alleged insurrectionists. This drove leftists mad, especially former MSNBC rage-monster Keith Olbermann, who called for SCOTUS to be "dissolved."

Associate Editor Nick Fondacaro assists in addressing the meltdown, bringing receipts from The View, where Whoopi Goldberg was losing her mind, and Ana Navarro implied Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from basically everything. 

On MSNBC, Russian-collusion peddler Ken Dilanian saw this as a low moment for the high court. Whenever they rule against the Left, they lose legitimacy: "The approval levels of the court poll at historic lows ... It’s going to be seen by many people as the court essentially interfering in some sense in the election." Once again, "many people" means "me, and all my journalist friends." 

Since the Supreme Court threw the question back to Congress, CNN's Jim Acosta whined about the Republicans: "There are members of Congress who are never going to do anything to make life difficult for Donald Trump."

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.