'Facts First' My Foot: CNN MANGLES Map of Israel on Jake Tapper's Show

October 23rd, 2023 7:47 AM

Nick Arama at RedState pointed out that "Facts First" CNN isn't just falsely reporting Israeli airstrikes on hospitals that never happened. They can't even seem to locate Tel Aviv on a map. Blink, and you might miss it, but in the Friday edition of Jake Tapper's show The Lead (at 4:39 pm Eastern), they briefly posted a completely inaccurate map of Israel. CNN got roasted on Twitter. 

Can someone put CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale on the case? 

At least in this instance, when they mangled a map, it's only on screen for a couple of seconds, albeit while Tapper is tsk-tsking a delay in getting humanitarian aid into Gaza: 

Then Ward went on to note Palestinian protesters are "are chanting over and over again, 'with our blood, with our souls. We will defend Palestine.' There is a huge amount of anger, a huge amount of emotion. Much of it directed at the West. And much also at Western media where people here have favored Israeli voices over Palestinians."

Isn't it fascinating that CNN can't channel any media criticism from conservatives, but it will create a platform for Hamas supporters that think the UN is owned by Israel? 

RAHMA ZEIN, PROTESTER: Where is your humanity?

WARD: A protester starts shouting at me. We invite her to do an interview with us.

ZEIN: When a thousand plus Palestinian babies die, you don't feel the same. You don't feel the same, as when I tell you one of your own has died. But these are our own. And it is unfair and Egypt will stand with Palestine. All Western channels are talking for Israel and the United Nations are standing for Israel, all these international institutions are standing for Israel. Who's there for the Palestinians and don't call it a war. The jargon is even more infuriating. They are not on equal footing. It is not a war.

This lady is on Instagram calling Joe Biden a "criminal" acting on behalf of "Zionist sociopaths." CNN wouldn't let her say that on their air.