Syrupy Minutes! Pelley Touts Merrick Garland's Nonpartisan Moderation, Holocaust Stories

October 2nd, 2023 4:22 PM

On their Twitter account, the long-running CBS show 60 Minutes offers this boastful language: "The most successful news magazine in TV history, offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news." Scott Pelley's Sunday night interview with Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland is not what anyone would call a "hard-hitting investigative report." Instead, it resembled a video press release. Just check out the tweets! 

For "hard-hitting," see Pelley with President Bush in 2007. As anchor of the CBS Evening News, Pelley was a nightly bomb-thrower in the early days of President Trump, denying "reality" while he was "tweeting tantrums and falsehoods."

Pelley explained at the outset: "Tonight, he tells us about the principles that guide him and how he would deal with political interference." Pelley painted him as a centrist: "Caught in the middle is this 70-year-old former prosecutor and well-respected judge with a long history as a moderate."

That sets up the bizarre notion that Biden's Justice Department is nonpartisan in its pursuits.

One obvious "tell" in determining if an interviewer is taking direction from Team Garland is bringing up his relatives and the Holocaust. Garland brings that up all the time -- in his confirmation hearing, in the last House hearing, in NPR's softball interview on a plane from Ukraine, everywhere. 

Pelley gently soft-shoed on the subject of Biden probes and indictments. He was so protective he referred to "what is described in some quarters as the Biden Justice Department," as if Republicans should never use such a term. 

Pelley sounded the most skeptical when he noted that Trump has been indicted as he's running for president. "You could make the argument that it's the worst possible time." Garland claimed there was no timing except the pace of the facts.

Then it's somehow not political as they tout the massive prosecution of Trump fanatics, even the ones who merely "paraded" nonviolently. 

At the end of the interview, Pelley asked Garland "when the history of this extraordinary time is written, what is the best that Merrick Garland can hope for?” Hard! Hitting! 

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