NPR Exploits Father's Day for a Trans Lesson: 'Navigating Pregnancy as a Dad'

June 18th, 2023 7:22 AM

On Saturday, NPR exploited Father's Day to push "pregnant dads" with our taxpayer subsidies. The headline was "Americans celebrate dads this weekend. Three tell us about being a father in 2023." They pushed the "he was pregnant" pronoun inanity hard in their celebration:

Navigating pregnancy as a dad — Kayden Coleman

Kayden Coleman, 37, was surprised to learn he was pregnant.

In 2013, he had just had top surgery — a double mastectomy — and had temporarily stopped taking hormones for the procedure. Coleman, who is transgender, said doctors had told him he couldn't get pregnant. A few years later, assuming that he'd been taking hormones long enough to avoid another pregnancy, he found he was expecting again. Today, he is raising two young daughters.Coleman shares his experiences with fatherhood and pregnancy as a transmasculine person on social media, hoping to change perceptions and expectations.

"I experienced a lot of pushback and discrimination within the medical system based on preconceived ideas of what a pregnant person is supposed to look like," he says.

He thought that things would have changed by the time he had his second child, but "I still had to deal with people telling me that I didn't belong in certain spaces."

"I had to convince a lot of people that I was pregnant and that I wasn't just a strange man trying to infiltrate the OB-GYN's office," he says. "I got offered abortions an astronomical amount of times. I think that comes from the idea that people think that trans people either don't want to have kids or shouldn't have kids."

Both pregnancies were difficult because he "spent more time fighting for autonomy over myself to just get an equitable space comfortable enough for me to give birth" and didn't get a chance to "actually enjoy the process of being pregnant."

The only tiny hint of interesting opposition allowed in this propaganda is that allegedly a lot of people wanted this woman to abort. Then we had to be told "what people get wrong" with their opposition to upside-down gender-denying madness: 

What people get wrong about trans dads

"One of the biggest things that people get wrong is that we hate our bodies, and thus, anything remotely feminine would be something that we will reject — including pregnancy. For those of us who identify more on the masculine spectrum, just because we identify as such does not take away our desire to have kids. If we have the body parts to do so, why not?"

"The other thing that a lot of people think is that because we gave birth, we suddenly become mothers. People are always shocked when they hear my children calling me 'Daddy.'"

"Because we gave birth, we are mothers." Isn't biological reality silly?