NEW NewsBusters Podcast: NBC Rips 'DeathSantis' Again on Mask 'Bullying' of Teens

March 4th, 2022 10:35 PM

NBC spent not one, but two nights trying to make a scandal out of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis telling high-school kids behind his podium at an event that they didn't have to wear masks, since that was "ridiculous." NBC found an outraged parent and that completely nonpartisan head of the CDC for rebuttal. Even after the CDC relented on mask requirements, the networks are still ripping Republicans as endangering the public with the coronavirus.

This is additionally odd coming from NBC, where Saturday Night Live just satirized a group of liberals panicking over a Bloomberg News article suggesting masks were never very important in restraining the spread of the virus. Faye Flam said her own state of Rhode Island had a strict mask mandate and the worst of the Omicron infection wave.

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