Joy Reid: DeSantis As 'Dr. Death...Rolling Out Red Carpet' for COVID

August 26th, 2021 7:34 PM

On her hourlong freakout The Reidout on Tuesday, MSNBC's Joy Reid smeared Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as "Dr. Death," who is "pro-COVID" and "rolling out the red carpet for this ravenous virus."

AP Exec Sends SNOTTY Letter to DeSantis About His Press Secretary

August 20th, 2021 10:07 PM

On Friday, AP executive Daisy Veerasingham wrote a Nasty-Gram to Gov. Ron DeSantis complaining that his press secretary Christina Pushaw was endangering reporters with her tweets. It recapped her tweets ripping the story that used terms like "Drag Them" and "put you on blast," with the AP executive characterizing them as a direct threat to her reporter. It's got that Jim Acosta echo: any…


CNN Proposes Travel Ban on Florida Over COVID Cases

August 9th, 2021 4:57 PM

After denouncing the Trump administration for banning travel from China in 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, on Monday, CNN’s New Day actually promoted the notion of somehow imposing a travel ban on the state of Florida over a recent rise in COVID cases there. Without a sense of irony, the show hyped the notion that travel from the Sunshine State would have already been…

Krazy Krugman: DeSantis Is ‘Ally of Coronavirus,’ 'Freedom' Is Racism

August 4th, 2021 9:57 AM

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman joined the rest of the liberal press Friday wagging his finger at Florida and its Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis over its handling of the coronavirus: "At every stage of the pandemic DeSantis has effectively acted as an ally of the coronavirus...he has helped create a state of mind in which vaccine skepticism flourishes and refusal to take…

ADMITTED IT! This Pol Says ‘We Have Everyone Else’ in Media Except Fox

July 22nd, 2021 12:25 PM

Sometimes people just come out and say what we all know to be true, even if some still pretend otherwise. Nikki Fried, a Democratic politician who is running for Florida governor and hopes to challenge Republican Ron DeSantis, tweeted this on Thursday: “Ron DeSantis has Fox News, but we have everyone else. Florida will be blue in 2022.” 


MSNBC Wails: Return of Cruise Industry = Latest ‘Climate Crisis’

July 21st, 2021 2:42 PM

On Wednesday, MSNBC freaked out over the global cruise ship industry attempting to return to business after being largely shut down during the pandemic. The reason for the left-wing cable channel’s fear? That boats full of tourists represented the latest “climate crisis,” akin to massive wildfires or deadly floods.

Rep. Díaz-Balart DESTROYS Miami Herald in Response to Editorial

July 20th, 2021 11:47 AM

Florida Republican Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart's fiery response to a condescending editorial from The Miami Herald was, for some odd reason, published a month and a half after the editorial to which it responds, “It’s a shame Miami’s Republican lawmakers in Congress jumped on the conspiracy-theory train”- which posits that Hispanics listening to conservative AM radio are an "easily…


NBC Campaigns for Florida Teen Running for School Board on CRT

July 19th, 2021 3:41 PM

On Monday, NBC’s 3rd Hour Today show openly campaigned for a left-wing Florida teenager running for a seat on the Broward County School Board and making radical Critical Race Theory one of his top issues. The glowing profile piece, which amounted to an in-kind political donation, dismissed “conservative” concerns about CRT and touted the high school student’s long-term goal of being…


After Defending BLM Riots, MSNBC Ready to Jail Cuba Protesters

July 15th, 2021 4:40 PM

Channeling the radical socialists of Black Lives Matter – who have voiced their support for the brutal communist regime in Cuba – MSNBC on Thursday complained that Cuban-American protesters who blocked traffic in Miami were not arrested. This coming from the same left-wing cable network that defended violent BLM riots as peaceful even as communities across the country were set on fire.


CNN En Español FAKES a DeSantis Quote in Report on Cuba Protest

July 15th, 2021 2:35 PM

CNN En Español couldn’t resist the urge to turn a report on anti-communist protests in Miami into a cheap dunk on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, going so far as to air a false on-screen chyron that read: “Some Causes Are More Noble Than Others According to DeSantis. 

ALARM! Big Tech Group Asks Judge to Block Florida Free Speech Bill

June 8th, 2021 1:54 PM

A Big Tech group reacted to Florida’s new free speech law, and it’s clear that it will seemingly do anything in its power to continue censoring conservatives online. Big Tech group NetChoice begged a judge to block the law before it goes into effect. “NetChoice, the group suing on behalf of internet giants, has asked a federal judge to put the law on hold as their lawsuit moves through…

NY Times Suddenly Celebrates Rebekah Jones's Fabulist Covid Claims

June 6th, 2021 7:30 PM

A New York Times “Covid News” update by Isabella Grullón Paz posted Friday reported that Florida will become the first state to no longer update its COVID-19 dashboard and cease its daily reporting on cases, deaths and vaccinations. With cases decreasing in the state, it will post weekly updates instead. 

Leftists, Media Go Berserk After DeSantis Signs New FL Free Speech Law

May 25th, 2021 3:37 PM

Big Tech has a long history of censoring the free press and free-thinking political candidates on their platforms. But now Big Tech corporations will have to pay the price for censoring political candidates in Florida thanks to new legislation signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) yesterday. DeSantis signed the state’s new pro-free speech law on May 24. The law immediately drew criticism…


Morning Joe: DeSantis Protecting Free Speech Violates First Amendment!

May 25th, 2021 12:42 PM

Only on MSNBC would you hear political analysis this mind-numbingly stupid. On Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough and frequent guest Mara Gay sneered at a new law protecting political speech as “violating the First Amendment.”