SOFTBALLS: Gayle King, Teacher 'Colleagues' Giggle with Jill Biden in White House Interview

October 19th, 2021 2:40 PM

It was a State-Run TV morning at CBS Mornings, as host Gayle King taped a cozy roundtable interview with First Lady Jill Biden and four Teacher of the Year awardees and finalists for 2020 and 2021. This is the level of aggression in King’s questioning for the First Lady: “What do you think it will take for teachers to get the pay they deserve?” 

After this snippet in the 7am hour, complete with Jill Biden touting how her husband threw (someone else’s) money at the schools in the “American Rescue Plan,” King touted the event. “Believe me, this was such a big deal for them, because they’re there with a fellow teacher. Doctor Biden started the conversation with “welcome to my fellow colleagues.” So that was a really sweet moment.”

King then added the First Lady was “so gracious, and it was a very interesting conversation because they all have similar concerns and similar joys. At the end of the day, they all love being teachers.” This wasn't news. This was Biden messaging. 



In the 8am hour, there was more of the same with these Gayle gushers: 

On the president: “You certainly have his ear. What is your message to him?

What has frustrated you during this time, during this pandemic?

Do you ever come home and you say, you know, it was a tough day –  dear, honey. What do you call him?” [Just Joe.]

There were no difficult questions about how Attorney General Merrick Garland wants to investigate angry parents who attend school board meetings (as the National School Boards Association compares them to domestic terrorists). After one teacher cited the “precarious” political situation, King did ask the group: “How do we say to kids everything is going to be okay when you see parents being so divided and so polarized about something that seems to be simple, like wearing a mask?” 

King also failed to ask Jill Biden anything about the Bidens flouting a mask mandate as they left a D.C. restaurant over the weekend. 

This matches King’s interview with Mrs./Doctor Biden during the convention in 2020.She asked about how Biden “got past” the “unfair attacks” from the primary debates to choose Kamala Harris as his running mate, and then asked “President Trump has questioned Joe Biden's mental fitness and cognitive skills. What do you want us to know about that?”

Back then, King also teased her about being the kind of grandmother who pranks her grandkids and wakes up early to exercise. “What do you want us to know about you, Jill Biden, as a grandmother? I love that!” she fawned.

It's another softball morning for Gayle King, Democrat donor

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