NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Politico Shames Biden from Left on Avoiding the Word 'Crisis'

March 19th, 2021 4:44 PM

Even the "Politico Playbook" squad is tired of the Biden team trying to call the surge of illegal immigrants across the border a "challenge." They even called it "Orwellian." This happened because liberal Democrats and "immigration advocates" are frustrated with Biden from the Left. They want a more dramatic federal surge to meet the illegal-immigrant surge. 

Also on the podcast docket today:

-- The column on "Whiteness Is a Pandemic," the nutty article by New York Times contributor Damon Young on The Root. 

-- NBC/MSNBC reporter Geoff Bennett admits the "mainstream" reporters were a "known quantity" to the Biden campaign and transition team. They knew you could call on these same old reporters because they were softball tossers. (MRCTV has it here.) 

-- The CBS drama FBI creates a fictional plot where AIM -- in this loosely fictionalized world, "Accountability In Media" -- pays a private detective to dig up dirt on a New York Times political reporter who is later abducted. Would AIM ever pay a detective to spy on a reporter? Anyone remember the Clintons hiring private investigators?

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