The Huff-Po View: If High Court Overrules ObamaCare, Justices Are Stupid and People Will 'Die As a Result'

June 15th, 2012 11:25 PM

On Wednesday's edition of the Bill Press radio show, Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grim put on his best conceited act and expressed that the Supreme Court just doesn't have great brains on it, and they're not qualified to overturn Obamacare. In fact, if they overturn Obamacare, Grim warned, "people's lives are at risk and people will probably die as a result." Conservatism kills.

It's amazing that Grim would say it's the Supreme Court with the failing brains, since he originally boasted (before oral arguments) that Obamacare would be upheld 6 to 3. Now he doesn't believe that, because the Justices are too stupid to rule on it, especially Antonin Scalia: [Video and transcript below]

GRIM: I don't know what's going to happen, but I think I greatly overestimated -- I think the brains that these guys have. You know, you hear these guys in the confirmation hearings and you read what they write and they seem like awfully intelligent folks but then you watch them in that oral argument or you listen to the tapes of the oral argument where they are talking being healthcare reform. They have no idea what they are talking about. I mean you have [Antonin] Scalia saying, you know, we can't throw out the mandate and then leave the rest of it because that would be legislating from the bunch. He can actually say that.

PRESS: As if they never legislate from the bench. This gang. This gang.

GRIM: And he’s like we can't read 2,000 pages of this bill and decide what we can throw out and what we can’t throw out. Well then just leave it alone if you don't feel like reading the actual bill.  And the other, ok say you throw out the mandate. What does that have to do with say 8 billion dollars  in money to build community health centers? On what planet is it unconstitutional to build a community health center? Just because he doesn’t like the mandate? He’s going to say...what are they going to do, bulldoze the community health centers that have already been built. It was clear from the oral argument that they hadn’t thought it through. And so I think the only hope for advocates of the bill or the law now is that they have had a chance to think it through over the last few months and have realized the error of their ways. Because if they go with the way that they were thinking when it was argued you know they’re tossing it out.

It's really amazing how liberals always presume you agree with them, or you're a mental midget. There's no way they can be intelligently rebutted. The threat has been in the air for months: the justices must uphold, or else the "integrity" and "prestige" of the court gets nuclearized by the Left.  Then came prediction time:

PRESS: I think they’re going to overturn the individual mandate and keep the rest of the bill. So the question is, let's say -- let's explore both, that they overturn the whole enchelada or they just overturn the individual mandate. What happens and how does it play in this election?

GRIM: Well if they overturn the entire thing, people’s lives are at risk and people will probably die as a result.  I mean, that's the very harsh reality. People who had health insurance as a result of the bill and lose it and get some type of disease that needs major medical treatment, they won't be able to get it.