Rachel Maddow Prematurely Whines: Elena Kagan's Not an 'Actual Liberal'

July 22nd, 2010 11:21 AM

Elena Kagan's record clearly demonstrates she's a liberal, but to Rachel Maddow, she's just not liberal enough to be an "actual liberal." While she did a bit of a victory lap with Newsweek's Dahlia Lithwick on Tuesday night that the Republicans failed to scare people about Kagan and "nobody was terrified," Maddow still felt Obama wimped out by not picking an obvious radical leftist: 

LITHWICK: At the end of the day you have a nominee who just utterly slid under the radar. And I don't know how the fundraising went but I know that the narrative was "She's fine, yawn. She's fine."

MADDOW: Yes. Well, should liberals look back at this experience? I mean, we're not out of it yet but should they essentially look back and say, "An actual liberal, a real -- a more liberal justice could have gotten through here?"

LITHWICK: I think so. It seems to me that to the extent that Obama had a moment to put someone a little bit more -- a little closer to a Stevens legacy or a Brennan legacy, a little closer to a passionate firebrand, this would have been the moment to put them up if the rumors are -- and they're only rumors -- true that Ginsburg is going to leave while Obama is still in office.

I don't think Obama is going to have the maneuvering room to put someone to the left of Elena Kagan up next time.

Maddow was giddy in making fun of Frank Gaffney's Washington Times piece on Kagan's disturbing record of honoring Sharia-friendly policies and officials at Harvard, as did Lithwick in her article on the liberal website Slate on Tuesday.