ABC Exec Mocks Sandy Berger As Pants-Stuffing Voice of 'Truth' On 9/11 Movie

January 15th, 2007 12:29 PM

Miami Herald TV critic Glenn Garvin is blogging from the annual Television Critics Association tour, and found some hot talk in recounting the Clintonista war against ABC's movie on 9/11.

Asked during his appearance on the TV critics' tour if he was embarrassed that the network had to "backpedal" on its Clinton-unfriendly movie The Path To 9/11, [ABC programming chief Stephen] McPherson took no prisoners -- particularly when it came to Clinton's national security adviser Sandy Berger, one of the film's chief critics. "We didn't backpedal," McPherson said. "We aired the movie. We didn't change anything for those guys. We aired it as planned on the dates that were planned. I mean, it's a little odd to have Sandy Berger telling you about what's truthful or not when he was indicted for stuffing documents into his pants on this very subject."

That's a little too hot, since ABC did change a few scenes in response to the Clintonista campaign. They did edit down scenes where the Richard Clarke character talked of Clinton's impeachment, and a scene where the Berger character hung up on the CIA, refusing to grant permission for an attempt to take terrorists out. But the McPherson quote certainly succeeds in turning your head. Any bets the Clintonistas start making phone calls again?

By the way, did you see Mark Steyn's funny Berger song lyrics?