GQ Magazine Mocks Romney As 'Least Influential': Liberals on MSNBC's The Cycle Pick Limbaugh, Rove

November 30th, 2012 6:21 PM

How can someone who garnered nearly 60 million votes in a recent presidential election not be considered the least bit influential? As inexplicable as it sounds, that's what GQ Magazine declared when it selected Mitt Romney to headline its annual list of the 25 most uninspiring and insignificant people of the year. According to the author however, they were ranked in no particular order, "because all zeros are created equal."

Seeing a perfect opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of others, the hosts of MSNBC's The Cycle compiled their own list on Thursday. Token conservative S.E. Cupp appeared to have taken the assignment literally with a clip that introduced the world to a mild-mannered man from Indiana. Krystal Ball and Touré Neblett followed, and having some inkling of where their heads were at -- Cupp pleaded with them not to pick her. Instead they chose Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh respectively, gloating about how wrong they both were about Romney's legitimate chance to emerge victorious. [video below the page break]

Ball's liberal schadenfreude was admittedly more justified than her counterpart's, Rove was clearly in denial on election night. In a concerted, albeit brief attempt to verbally assault one of the most popular conservative talk show hosts on the radio for quite some time, Touré designated Limbaugh as his punching bag of choice. "He's not a serious thinker, and he's corrosive to America," he said. If you're "[l]istening to him for anything beyond entertainment, stop it," he counseled.

Sensing that the segment had completely deviated from its intended humor, guest host Jonathan Capehart brought up Lindsey Lohan's deranged behavior that resulted in another couple of arrests for the embattled actress. While the subject of her ongoing legal troubles isn't that funny, her made-for-television "comeback movie" that aired on the Lifetime network last week certainly was.