Desperate Piers Morgan Tweets Wish for Constitutional Amendment Not to Be Shot

September 13th, 2013 11:44 AM

It's comforting to know that some things don't change. Even though the news is dominated by the explosive situation in Syria and the tumult over the provisions of ObamaCare, Cable News Network's Piers Morgan still found time on Thursday to devote to his favorite subject: gun control.

“I'd like to suggest a new amendment to the Constitution: the right NOT to be shot/killed by a gun,” the CNN weeknight talk show host posted on Twitter. It wasn't long before he was the subject of tweets declaring him “the dumbest man alive” and noting that “murder is illegal already. Thanks for your input.”

“Another day, another stupid Piers Morgan tweet,” @Shannon Poe shrugged, while @OrwellForce stated that the host of Piers Morgan Tonight   is  "the dumbest man alive.”

@RBPundit growled that the subject was “already covered, moron,” while @collegepolitico interjected: “That's already a right, genius. That's why it's illegal to shoot somebody other than in self-defense.”

“This is a joke, yes?” @lachlan asked plaintively while @The Pantau stated flatly: “Murder is illegal already. Thanks for your input.”

@mcassill summarized the situation by stating: “Some things are so stupid only an intellectual, or @piersmorgan, would believe them.”

“Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you really do abuse the privilege,” the staff at stated. “Perhaps there should be an amendment for that?”

Not surprisingly, several posters joined the website staff in suggesting their own ideas for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

@DrewMTips proposed protection for his right “NOT to be exposed to @piersmorgan idiocy,” while @chelseagrunwald suggested an amendment “that makes ignorant Brits like @piersmorgan stop telling us how to run our country.”

“What a coincidence,” @Popehat stated. “I'd like to suggest a new amendment that enshrines a right not to be nauseated by derpy tabloid leavings.”

“And I'd like to suggest a Constitutional amendment enshrining the right to NOT have to read ignorant posts on the Internet,” @hale_razor posted.

“Silly people,” @princy_lin stated. “You keep assuming that @piersmorgan has actually READ the Constitution.”

As NewsBusters previously reported,'s Ben Shapiro gave the grumpy host a pocket-sized version of the Constitution when appearing on the CNN program in January.

Even though Morgan slammed his guest for “brandish[ing] your little book as if I don't know what's in there,” the gun-control activist can't say he doesn't have a copy of it he can read.

Also on Thursday, several posters focused on Morgan's interest in gun violence over other forms of mayhem.

@Brudaddy asked: “So other forms of murder are ok? So long as not with a gun?"

Then @anthmichara inquired why the host of Piers Morgan Tonight is “only concerned about gun violence” and why he places “murders by firearms as more horrific than murders by other means.”

The poster added:

I really suggest that you change your stance from gun violence to violence in general. Violent, dangerous people are the reason behind horrific incidents, not objects.

However, Morgan received support from at least one poster: @baz_91, who asserted: “less guns=less guns in the wrong hands, it's as simple as that! Wish #gunnuts would get their tiny brains around that.”

On the other hand, Charles C. W. Cooke -- a writer for National Review Online who was born in England -- went after Morgan with both barrels blazing:

Only someone who literally has no grasp of political philosophy, the nature of rights, or reality could write this. I can only conclude that Morgan doesn't know what a constitution is for, and, more importantly, who it binds.

After admitting that “I'm a Brit, too, and I manage,” Cooke challenged Morgan to “debate this, Brit to Brit. We can talk Colorado recall, blind gun owners, and your constitutional amendment.”

So far, Morgan has not responded to Cooke's invitation, even though the NRO writer offered to bring tea, biscuits and cucumber sandwiches to the discussion. “I'll do the debate drunk; you can stay sober,” Cooke added.

For someone who obviously enjoys giving his conservative guests a hard time, the liberal talk show host is notoriously "gunshy" about debating with them when he's not in control. Back in January, Morgan did not respond to an invitation for a fair debate with conservative blogger Ace of Spades, and it's very unlikely he'll accept Cooke's offer, regardless of the writer's blood alcohol level.